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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 24, 2020
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Top 5 Famous Local Food in Singapore You Must Try – Treat Yourself with Some Edible Joy!

Singapore culture boasts of food that emanates delicious aromas that remind the food lovers of other cuisines around the world. With a signature twist, the Singaporeans have incorporated culinary secrets of different cultures that have contributed to their rich cuisine.


Hainanese Chicken Rice

The origins of the flavoursome Hainanese Chicken Rice can be traced back to Maritime Southeast Asia. It is noted that this dish was made popular by the Chinese immigrants who settled in Singapore, having travelled from the Hainan Province in China. This tasty dish consists of poached chicken and seasoned rice, which can be garnished using a chilli sauce and cucumber slices. Hainanese Chicken Rice is a highly requested dish at many hawker centres dotted across Singapore.



Satay is basically a meat dish that is grilled using skewers. Usually, these skewers are shaped out of bamboo trees or the midrib of a coconut palm frond. Although this dish was originated in Indonesia, it cannot be more popular in Singapore. With a high demand for satay in its crowded hawker centres, this mouthwatering eatable is grilled over a wood or preferably a charcoal fire. For its distinctive flavour, a variety of spices is used when marinating. Satay can be served with a blend of soy and peanut sauce. It is a favourite among many people from near and far.


Kaya Toast

Kaya toast goes way back with the natives and is a staple food in the country. It is rather loved by the young and the old alike. As you guessed, the main ingredient of this popular dish is Kaya, a type of coconut jam that would make your taste buds dance. This highly popular dish of Singapore is made more delicious by its infusion of coconut milk, pandan, eggs, a topping of sugar, and a spread of butter. Some prefer to have Kaya Toast if it's bathed in a soft-boiled egg. With a dash of white pepper and a small amount of dark soy sauce, it can make magic happen inside your mouth!


Oyster Omelette

Look out for this scrumptious dish at hawker centres that sell Carrot Cakes! Since these two dishes require similar cooking processes, these are usually sold together. This particular dish of Oyster Omelette is whipped off by using potato starch, water, fish sauce, eggs, and oyster. The potato starch is mixed in water before frying it in a pan, onto which the beaten eggs are added. The resulting omelette is tastefully shredded into pieces. The oysters and the fish sauces are added next, to bring out the unique deliciousness of this dish.


Chili Crab

Chili Crab pays tribute to the national cuisine of Singapore with its mouthwatering presentation. It is soaked in a tantalizingly sweet and spicy sauce and is among the best-loved dishes of the country. It was once included in the world's 50 most delicious foods in a survey conducted by CNN. One must use both hands to extract the maximum of this luscious crab meat with its heavenly deliciousness. It is all the rage at some of the hotels in Orchard Road Singapore belonging to popular chains such as Park Hotel Group.

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