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Multiple Dogs

A list of tips on how to manage a multiple dog household

Managing a Multi-Dog Household - How to Keep the Peace! - Whole Dog Journal Article

Because dogs are pack animals, we have high expectations about their abilities to live peacefully in groups. If you are a human member of a multiple dog household, it is important to be realistic about what you can and cannot accomplish with your canine family members.

In-Home Multiple Dog Management

It's far better to AVOID fights than to than to try to break one up.

How To Manage Your Multi-Dog Home

One little, two little, three little Shih-Tzus ...Sometimes one just isn't enough. Having one dog is great, but having more than one is fantastic! Full of doubled rewards and triple the challenges, a multi-dog home can have you pulling your hair out over the simplest of things.

Multiple dogs in your home

If you are considering adding an additional dog to your household you should become very familiar with these articles. This information applies to all breeds of dogs. Highlighted or colored text indicates information that is more consistent when applied to Bullmastiffs than some other breeds.

How Many Dogs?! Creating Harmony in a Multi Dog Household

This website is devoted to keeping you up-to-date on some of the latest issues that concern the multiple dog household as well as the latest methods for maintaining a healthy and happy relationship with your crew. Subscribe to the regular blogs for updates on all subjects multiple dog related.

Managing a Multiple Dog Home

Dogs are beloved in many homes - and many people are happy with one dog while others have two or three and still others happily live with ten or twelve. While that sounds crazy to some there are some keys to multiple dog homes. Some big ones: management, exercise, training, understanding behavior and adjusting our attitude.

How Many Dogs?! Using Positive Reinforcement Training to Manage a Multiple Dog Household

As a trainer who lives with a relatively large pack of dogs, I appreciate the down-to-earth, positive approach to pack management in Debby's book. Debby has succeeded in providing both a moral support system and a user-friendly plan for people struggling with the multiple dog lifestyle, as well as giving helpful tips for integrating foster dogs or the new puppy.

How to Manage Multiple Dogs

A dog is a wonderful, amazing addition to any household. And they are so great, you may want more than one. But before you make that addition, let's examine the pros and cons of being owned by multiple dogs. Pros: If one dog is so much fun, another can only double the fun (and work).

The Puppy Project Lesson 12: Managing Multiple Dogs at Feeding Time (aka Minimizing Chaos!)

Without teaching the dogs to lay quietly outside the kitchen, there would be chaos. Nahla would be pacing, anxious, frenetic and drooling everywhere, Jayda would be underfoot and Cricket would be telling the other dogs to get out of her eating space. Soooo, using my ABC's of dog training (see below) I came up with this strategy.

How To Manage Multiple Dogs

So you've been living with just one dog, and are planning to add another to your family. Or maybe you already have more than one, and need some advice on how to lead your pack to happiness. I have three dogs of my own, and I've learned a lot about how to manage multiple dogs.

Managing a Multi-Dog Household

Managing a Multi-Dog Household If you currently have one dog and are considering getting another, think carefully first. While the joy of dog ownership grows with each new "family" member you add, the challenges of managing the household can also increase. First evaluate the reasons why you want to get a second dog.

How to Manage Multiple Dog Households

When you live with multiple dogs in your home and they all get along nicely, it is a great thing. However, when you have multiple dogs that fight it can be a stressful nightmare for owners. Keeping the peace among your dogs in all situations can be a challenge.

Multi-Pet Households

Living with multiple dogs can double the pleasure and double the fun but sharing your life with more than one dog is not without its unique considerations and challenges including: Training time is doubled. When it comes to training, dogs learn better when worked with individually.

Multi-Dog Homes | BAD RAP

Living Peaceably in a Multi-Dog Home Having more than one dog can be fun, provided you're a good manager and your dogs are well matched. More than one can be very demanding, too. Your dogs will need you to be the best playground monitor you can be to ensure that everybody succeeds.

Patricia McConnell | Dog Training Book | Feeling Outnumbered? How to Manage and Enjoy Your Multi-dog Household

Written to help you maximize the joy of living in a multi-dog household, Feeling Outnumbered uses the study of animal behavior and positive training methods to teach your dogs to be polite and patient instead of demanding and pushy.