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Top Things to do in Dhaka – Experience the essence of Dhaka

Dhaka is the capital city of Bangladesh and therefore is quite vast. However, the area does tend to be overpopulated and crowded. This can be a bit overwhelming at first but once you've gotten used to this, there are many places to explore here.


A rickshaw ride

The rikshaw is an old mode of transport that is not often seen on the streets today especially in western countries. But, if you are wondering what this vehicle is, it's a bicycle with three wheels and a little canopy and seat behind the rider for the customer to ride in. You will not come across these small vehicles on the main streets of Dhaka, but it certainly is the most popular way of getting about Dhaka in the smaller streets. You'd think no one lives here who doesn't own a rickshaw since there are just so many!


Boat ride on Buriganga

This is a river located towards the south of Dhaka city and is the border that marks the entrance to another city in Bangladesh. Several wooden boats are going back and forth each day transporting people from one end to the other. The river is beautiful as well and a boat ride on Buriganga is something to try out.


Taste the authentic food

When on a visit to any country, tasting the local food is an obvious must! It's no different when it comes to Dhaka. Here the most popular authentic food is Biriyani. You are sure to have heard about the dish and may have tasted it too. But the best Biriyani is found right here. The meat and rice are boiled separately and then layered with various spices. The locals have this as a staple for all three meals. The rice though is quite heavy, it is often found at buffets as well in hotels like Pan Pacific Sonargaon Dhaka.


Eat like a local

Want to know how to eat like a local? Well, begin with opting for a wayside eatery where local dishes are served. Order a meal of rice and curry. This includes plain rice and several other curries including fish or meat with lentil curry which is served with almost any meal here in Dhaka. Eat using your hands for a change as that's how the locals here eat as well. But make sure to use your right hand.


Explore Old Dhaka

The back streets of Old Dhaka are worth exploring as well. Especially if you'd like to get a taste of local like if these parts of the city. There are several street markets selling clothes and whatnots. Bongshal Road, Chawk Bazar, Islampur Road, Begum Bazar and Shakhari Bazar are a few places to venture into while you explore Old Dhaka. If you are thinking about a place to stay when it comes, hotels in Dhaka offer some of the best stays in Bangladesh.

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