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Floating Markets of Bangkok – A Different Style of Shopping

Bangkok's floating markets are a key set of attractions that the city processes. These unique marketplaces offer tourists a shopping experiences that's quite unlike anything else they've experienced before. Here are five of the top floating markets you need to visit during your time in Bangkok.


Damnoen Saduek

This is one of the oldest and most popular floating markets you'll find in Bangkok. This is in large part due to it being one of the principal filming locations in the 1974 James Bond feature, The Man with the Golden Gun. A huge array of boats slowly paddles along the water here selling all manner of foods and trinkets. Being quite the popular, the Damnoen Saduek draws in large crowds – consisting of locals and tourists alike – everyday. This can make a visit here quite the chaotic experience. What's more, due to its immense size and fame, this market lacks a sense of authenticity that some of Bangkok's other floating markets have become synonymous for.


Amphawa Floating Market

Located around 90 kilometres away from Bangkok's central city area, the Amphawa Market is a popular shopping destination that's well-known for its lively atmosphere and striking colours. If you're looking for an authentic floating market experience, this is the place to visit! Shops and vendors are positioned on both sides of a winding canal. Each offers an array of products, from tasty snacks, rare trinkets and even luxury fabrics to take home with you. Additionally, right across the main canal is a quaint little temple that has seemingly been swallowed by a massive swamp tree – this interesting site is definitely worth a visit while you're here. Like the Damnoen Saduek, the Amphawa Market has a tendency to get really crowded – especially during midday. In order to avoid this, consider making a trip here during the early hours of the morning – you'll find that most of the shops are open even then.


Taling Chan

A favourite shopping destination for many Bangkok locals, the Taling Chan has everything you'd want out of a floating market. It's got the right atmosphere, plenty of entertainments, vibrant colours and of course, a whole collection of shops and vendors for you to browse through. What's more, unlike most other prominent floating markets, the Taling Chan is located quite close to the Bangkok city centre. So, if you just finished a hearty meal at one of the best restaurants in Bangkok – say for example the Chatrium Riverside Bangkok which is a subsidiary of Chatrium Hotels & Residences – you can stop by for a quick shopping spree and the Taling Chan in under 5 minutes!


Khlong Lat Mayom

This is a medium-sized floating market that's also found really close to Bangkok. It is actually far more popular among the locals than with tourists. As such, you might find yourselves being some of the only foreigners around here during a visit. While it doesn't have quite the scale and variety of some of the city's larger markets, there's still plenty of shopping to be done here – particularly in terms of snacks!


The Kha

The Kha is one of the smallest floating markets you'll find in the greater Bangkok area. With it being a relatively unknown tourist attraction and being surrounded by tracts of verdant forests, it is one of the most secluded and tranquil markets you can visit. You'll find local farmers rowing longboats here, offering you the day's fresh harvest for a modest price.

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