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6 Traditional Dishes of Thailand – A Selection of Authentic Thai Cuisine

The flavours of Thailand are renowned throughout South East Asia. Many travellers visit Thailand strictly to go on a gastronomical adventure by tasting the country's many spectacular traditional dishes. If you're among them, here are the top 6 dishes you absolutely need to try out.


Tom Yum Goong

One of Thailand's most popular dishes, Tom Yum is a spicy soup that stars crunchy shrimps alongside a host of traditional Thai spices. You'll be hard-pressed to find any restaurants in Bangkok that don't feature this delectable bowl of Thai goodness on their menu. Tom Yum is also accented with a selection of diverse ingredients such as mushroom, tomato, basil and fish sauce. All of this combines to make a delectable dish that will leave your palate singing.



Laap is the Thai take on seasoned minced meat. Its origins can be traced back centuries to the North Eastern recesses of Thailand. This rustic dish features a selection of spices and ingredients that gives it added flavour, depth and texture. Favourite additions include fish sauce, lime juice and roasted rice flakes. Most notable Thai restaurants such as the Chatrium Hotel Riverside Bangkok, serve Laap alongside bowl of sticky fried rice or steamed rice grains.


Phat Kaphrao

When exploring Thai cuisine, one shouldn't neglect the fantastic varieties of street food that's on offer here. Among these dishes, few can match the sensational flavours of the Phat Kaphrao. This is a combination of several flash-fired meats prepared with holy basil. A staple dish among the local populace, you'll find an array of street-side restaurants serving up this delicious treat.


Khao Soi

This is a traditional noodles dish that is particularly popular in the northern districts of Thailand. The secret to this dish's signature taste is a hearty collection of rich ingredients that give the broth a creamy consistency. These include healthy doses of curry and coconut cream. Often several types of meat and seafood are served alongside these noodles and a fried egg is plopped on top for good measure.


Pad Thai

Pad Thai is perhaps the most famous traditional Thai dish of all time. All around the world, it is the one Thai dish that most travellers can name instantaneously. In essence, Pad Thai is wok-fried rice noodles that are made in combination with helpings of garlic, tofu and eggs. Pad Thai is also infused with a variety of meats as well, most commonly beef and fresh shrimp are used in this regard. To give the dish and added a bit of zest and character, most cooks will sprinkle on a bit of lime juice as well.


Homok Talay

This is one of the most unique traditional Thai dishes you'll find. Essentially, it's a combo of fish, curry and spices that are cooked and pressed against a banana leaf. This preparation method lends these snacks an inimitable aroma and texture that'll leave you gushing for a second helping.

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