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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2020
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5 Uniquely Indonesian Spa Rituals – Rest & Recuperate

Striking a balance between outer beauty and inner tranquillity is at the heart of Indonesian spa culture. Some of the spa rituals you can indulge in the country today were carefully guarded royal secrets for centuries! So, here're five such treatments you definitely need to try out.


The Traditional Indonesian Massage

While there are a great many treatments and rituals to choose from, you can't go wrong by starting out with a traditional Indonesian massage. You can experience this in establishment treatment centres such as the Bintan Lagoon Resort Spa that's available to all visitors at the Bintan Lagoon Resort. In essence, this is a medium pressure massage that uses coconut oil and a selection of tropical flowers for a relaxing aroma. The oil is slowly worked along with the muscle in long strokes that help relieve built-up tension and stress. The masseuse will also roll up the skin between their thumb and index finger. This awakens the nerve endings at the tip of the skin and increases blood flow as well. Once most of the body has been massaged this way, the pressure points of the hands and feet are also massaged to relax the body further. All in all, it's a great way to kickstart your journey of recuperation in Indonesia.


Floral Baths

For most spa enthusiasts, floral baths are considered to be the highlight of their Indonesian spa experience. Here a bathtub full of warm water is filled with delicate petals of jasmine, hibiscus rose and more. The choice of the petal isn't just based on fragrance – though the aroma can be quite heavenly in its own right – it also gives the bath a vivid stroke of colour. It's important to note that floral baths aren't usually offered as a treatment by themselves, but rather as the finale to a succession of other treatments. Either way, it's something to look forward to!


Mandi Susu

This is a traditional beauty bath that has been enjoyed by Javan princesses for many centuries. For them, the bath was seen as an elixir of youth – a way to stay beautiful and lively for all of eternity. Now, while the Mandi Susu can't quite deliver on that promise, there's certainly a grain of truth to these old tales. The bath itself is prepared by adding milk – traditionally either goat, sheep or cow milk. Buttermilk and or yoghurt is also used for more intensive treatments. Once a person's skin is soaked in the milk for around 20 minutes, they are requested to leave the tub and relax for some additional time – all without rinsing the skin. Through this process, the skin becomes soft to touch and starts to look purer.


Balinese Boreh

Balinese Boreh subscribes to the idea of using heat as a means to rid the body of unnecessary strains and detritus. It is used as both a curative and preventative treatment – and it is one you should definitely try out during your time here in Indonesia. Here a paste is made using a number of traditional ingredients and applied along the body to give a heating sensation. It is commonly used to combat headaches, arthritis and muscle pain.


Java Wraps

This wrapping treatment has been used by Javanese women for generations as a means of slimming. A mixture of herbs is crushed into a paste and then applied onto the abdominal area, after this a long cummerbund is wrapped tightly around it. The Java wrap also has anti-bacterial properties and is thought to boost the person's lymphatic system as well.

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