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Best Qatari Food – Enjoying an international cuisine influenced by many cultures

When you are in Doha, it will not be just the Qatari food you try out because Doha has many other kinds of cuisines too. But, with a little effort, try finding the truly authentic Qatari food that has been influenced by Indian and North African cultures. Try the following dishes and explore a culinary delight!



If you enjoy a dinner at a popular place such as Souq Waqif Boutique Hotels By Tivoli, you will not miss this delicious classic Arabic stew. This is also one of the most common stews that is made at home for family dinners, and they normally add up everything they have on hand. But, hotels and restaurants do generally add beef, lamb, or fish together with vegetables, garlic, and ginger.


Warak enab

Most of the hotels in Doha Qatar have stuffed vine leaves, and when it comes to warak enab, the leaves are stuffed with minced beef or lamb and rice. If you get to taste this amazing dish with slices of fresh lemon, the taste will surely enhance your tastebuds leaving you asking for more. Warak enab surely is a snack that you can enjoy at any time of the day.



Are you travelling to Doha during their Eid-al-Fitr celebrations? Then you will hear this name mostly as a breakfast dish. It's a pasta dish that gets flavoured with sugar, saffron, and rose water and on top of it, you find an omelette. Although this description may cause you some confusion of its real taste, once you try it out, your tastebuds are sure to be tantalised.



Do not miss tasting a country's national dish when you visit it - in Qatar, you should not miss Majboos. As Majboos is the national dish, you find it at almost all the restaurants and it'll be ashamed if you miss out on this during your days there. Usually, it's made either with lamb or chicken, and chefs normally give it a slow-cook to get the best possible flavour.



If you plan to travel to Qatar during the Ramadan season, make sure you try out the simple dish called 'madrouba'. It's a rice porridge that has a savoury flavor and you may enjoy it for any meal during any time of day. When it's being cooked, they add milk, butter, cardamom, chicken, and beans, and then to give it a soft texture, it's then simmered for some time. You can find fried onions as its topping – more often than not.



Are you a donut lover? Then, why miss the Qatari version of them? It's a dessert called 'luqaumat' and they are sweet dumplings that are deep-fried and drenched in sugar syrup. They are also flavoured with saffron and cardamom like all other Qatari desserts. They are crunchy on the outside, and softer on the inside and you will surely love it once you taste it in Doha.

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