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The Best Types of Water Filtration Systems Right Now

Water filtration is an important part of our homes. It makes our water potable at all times. Since bare water contains a lot of contaminants it is not advisable to drink immediately.

Also, you’ll not want to use dirty water on your essentials because it is nasty. So water filtration systems are not only for drinking but for essential uses as well.


The Contaminants

For you to appreciate the value of water filtration systems, you must know what it fights. It fights various bacteria and viruses present in water.

But before you buy one for your home or property, it is important to have a background. This is why in this article, we will discuss the best water filtration systems.

It will let you know the best for your needs. This will result in a better quality of water which is a good investment.

Imagine that you do not have to buy ready-made water from time to time. This will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Let us not delay the learning curve anymore by starting with the list.
Protozoa: They are also known as cryptosporidium. It is commonly seen in various waterways. Although it is highly immune to chemicals, it can still be used to fight it. But you’ll have to wait for a significant amount of time which is a minimum of 4 hours. The latest technologies infiltration systems can kill bacteria in water for just half an hour.



This water filtration system can eliminate bacteria and viruses. It is crucial in providing the best quality of water. Although this water filtration system is effective and simple, it is not advisable for killing protozoa. This is because they are immune to various chemicals.

It comes in several forms such as the following:
Chlorine Dioxide
Filtered Aqua Iodine
Aquatabs Chlorine
Chlorine Dioxide
Very portable that’s why you can bring it anywhere you want to. This also makes the thing hassle-free to install.
It is user-friendly.
You must use a handful of it for it to take effect.
Not applicable for continuous and improper use as the user can experience side-effects.
We, therefore, conclude that this type of water filtration system is only good as a backup. You must have other types of water filtration system that is ready for you. In short, this filtration system is only good for short term solutions. This is perfect to use when you are a frequent traveler.



From the name itself, you’ll get the idea of what it does. It simply emits UV rays to fight contaminants in water. Since UV rays are known to be strong, most bacteria cannot withstand its strength. This type of water filtration system works best with bugs. But they are also perfect for other types of contaminants.
Quick-acting as you can see its effects super quickly.
Good for multipurpose use.
For the bacteria to get killed, they need to be directly hit by the UV rays.
Prone to errors. But you can prevent this from happening by agitating the water to ensure that the rays will go through them.
This filtration system is perfect for clear water only otherwise it will not perform its functions well.
It is a small magnet that gets foreign objects from the water. It can capture both living and nonliving things on the water.
This is very effective in removing even the smallest contaminants such as bugs. Bacteria are easily attracted to adsorptive so that you can filter them out quickly.
It can also remove chemicals from water such as fertilizers and pesticides.
Not applicable for silty water.
Once the device becomes saturated you’ll not be aware when the magnet is already occupied.
You’ll need more patience in catching bugs because it will take time.
Since it is effective in removing chemicals in water, expect the water to be more desirable. It will be free from odor and taste. This is perfect to pair with other water filtration systems because of its inability to let you know when the magnet is already full.



It functions similarly to a colander and great to filter out bacteria and protozoa. It uses small holes to filter them to ensure that no foreign object will be left out as well.
You can easily what’s happening inside. This will let you know if the filter is already due for replacing.
Super portable that’s why you can easily bring it anywhere
It does not deteriorate easily because it is well-built.
Not for filtering viruses that’s why you’ll need another filtration system to pair with this.




This is one of the newest technologies in the water filtration industry. It can filter out dirt in water as quickly as 2 ½ liters per 60 seconds. The concept of this is almost the same as a microfilter. The good thing about this though is its tinier pores making it effective even in removing viruses on water.
It can diminish almost all kinds of contaminants in water without difficulties.
Portable and can be easily brought with you on your travels.
It will allow you to know when the filter is due for replacement.
It is pricey.
Not applicable to removing chemicals in the water.
The bottom line is this device is the safest and most efficient right now. If you want a hassle-free water filtration experience then this one is perfect for you.
Now you know the various types of water filtration systems. You will be able to determine what’s best for you. You’ll surely never compromise your health anymore with dirty water. This is why this is a good long-term investment that you should consider.