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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2020
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Dos and Don'ts in Sri Lanka – Things you should know about the paradise isle

Travelling in Sri Lanka is safe, fun, interesting, and exciting at the same time. You just need to be a little humble when you travel in this amazingly beautiful country, and the dos and don'ts mentioned in this article will give you an added advantage.


Do respect its way of life

In Sri Lanka, the majority of its population are Sinhalese Buddhists, and wherever you go, please do keep this in mind. You may belong to some other religion, but do not insult Buddhism or its vision regardless of if you believe it or not. Sri Lanka has an amazing set of ancient temples, and when you visit them, make sure your dress appropriately and decently. Just try to adapt to their way of life during your time there, and you'll soon love it for sure!


Do try the local cuisine

Yes, Sri Lankan resorts and restaurants do serve all types of cuisine such as Italian, Japanese, Chinese, and so much more. But, while you are in Sri Lanka, try eating like a local. This is going to be fun, and you are sure to remember the Sri Lankan taste forever even after you leave this beautiful country. Must-try dishes in Sri Lanka include the fish curry (ambul thiyal), brinjal moju (eggplant), and also curd and treacle (as dessert).


Don't compare Sri Lanka to India

No, this is not because Sri Lankans hold any grudge with Indians, but if you do compare these two neighbouring countries with each other, you are most probably wrong. You can't expect Sri Lanka to be similar to India in any aspect. Although India is a complicated country with the 02nd highest population, 22 national languages, and many states within the country's borders, Sri Lanka is not! It's a small island nation with some of the most beautiful and hospitable people.


Don't stay too long in Colombo

Colombo is the commercial capital in Sri Lanka and is often a busy, crowded area with a lot of traffic and noise. Sri Lanka is so much beyond that and you need to visit destinations such as Kalutara that is home to many popular tourists resorts the likes of Turyaa Kalutara Hotel. In addition to diverse water sports and garden visits that you can engage in, there are also many other interesting things to do in Kalutara for a tourist during his stay.


Don't miss out the fresh stuff

When it comes to the local fruits and vegetables in Sri Lanka, they are indeed the best and the freshest! It is home to many tropical fruits such as pineapples, mangos, raw jack fruit, wood apple, passion fruit, and bananas and you will love their freshness and the tastes more than anything. Rather than buying these from supermarkets, you could try and buy them from local vendors (at a fair maybe) because they sell the freshest of all. And on the other hand, by doing this you are helping them to find some cash to earn their daily bread.

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