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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2020
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5 Things to Know Before Visiting Malaysia – For a Better, More Enjoyable Vacation

Malaysia is a country brimming with cultural diversity and heritage on top of being blessed with an immense array of natural beauty. So, chances are, you're gearing up yourself to go visit this fantastic region. If that's the case, here're five things you should know to make the most out of your trip.


Culture and Language

Malaysia is well known for being a cultural melting pot. The country's main ethnic group are Muslim Malays, but plenty of Indians, Chinese and indigenous ethnicities are also present all across the country. This degree of multiculturalism makes Malaysia a fantastic destination to travel to, particularly if you plan to immerse yourself in the local culture. What's more, English is widely spoken here – much more than most adjacent Asian countries. This makes exploring and adventuring through Malaysia quite convenient and accessible. If you're moving outside of the major cities, learning a few words of Bahasa will help you communicate with the local communities.


The Flights are Cheap

The saying goes that everyone can fly here in Malaysia. This is stems from the fact that several budget airlines are immensely popular as a means of travel here in the country. These airlines offer flights to most major destinations in Asia at a relatively low cost from the two central hubs of Kuala Lumpur and Kota Kinabalu. This, in essence, make Malaysia an excellent pit-stop if you're touring across the Asia-Pacific region.


Visiting the Malaysian Borneo

The Malaysian Borneo is a vast expanse of verdant rainforest that serves as a refuge to some of the most endangered and remarkable species on the planet. These tracts of wilderness boast some of the highest degrees of biodiversity seen anywhere on the planet, even rivalling the spectacular rainforests of South America! The Malay Borneo acts as the last stronghold for animals like the Sumatran tiger and orangutan. It is certainly worth dedicating some of your time Malaysia to explore these forests and see all the sights, sounds and denizens they hold.


Dealing with Taxes

Malaysia is often lauded as an excellent location to party in. Indeed, its bustling hubs are full of exciting nightlife. However, there is one major caveat and that's the taxes placed upon alcohol and tobacco here. This can make a week of partying quite the expensive endeavour – one which will have a severe impact on your vacation budget. Fortunately, there are certain duty-free areas – or rather islands – that you can take advantage of. For instance, if you're staying at a Tioman Island resort such as the Berjaya Tioman Resort or are planning to travel to islands like Langkawi, be sure to stock up on tax-free booze and smokes for the rest of your trip.


Trying Out Malaysian Food

Malaysian food is considered to be one of the region's best features, and some people flock here just to try out Malayan cuisine. While almost every corner of Malaysia is ripe for a gastronomical adventure, Penang is often considered to be the flavour capital of Malaysia. If you're staying at one of the major cities, be sure to take a stroll along the streets and try out all the fascinating street food on offer.