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Abortion Stories

We have a large collection of abortion stories on the blog

Abortion Due To Morning Sickness; Should I Risk Another Baby?

When I was pregnant with my son I had severe morning sickness, for the whole 9 months I was sick, day and night. I felt as sick as a dog 24/7. I tried all the usual tricks and tablets from the doctor but nothing worked.

Does Having An Abortion Hurt? - The Real Supermum

Can I ask for a please. Can I have every ones experience of an abortion please and how far were you when you had it? And does having an abortion hurt? Sorry for the sensitive subject I have personally experienced two abortions. The first was when I was 19 and I was 17 weeks pregnant.

Abortion; What If That Was My Last Chance To Have Kids

Here is my story. I have never managed to talk about this sober, so this is really difficult for me, however I do want to share my experience with you and your blog readers. So it was 2008 and I was 22.

I Was Forced Into Abortion By My Dad - The Real Supermum

I Was Forced Into Abortion - Angels Story I just turned 18 when I found out I was pregnant to my boyfriend of a month.

After Finding Out I Was Pregnant I Took An Overdose

I was 17 years old, in a relationship with an older man who I thought loved me and in turn I loved him. Our relationship wasn't steady nor secure, he drank a lot, couldn't hold down a job and was a gambling addict.

Forced Into Abortion; My Parents Called Me Dirty - The Real Supermum

My anxiety started after my eldest sister passed away very suddenly. I was only 12 and my family were very close and loving, but after she died my father didn't want to know me, as I looked like her.

Raped And Pregnant - A Brave Mums Story - The Real Supermum

At the age of 18 I found myself raped and pregnant, what should have been a happy occasion filled me with a sickening dread. I was pregnant after being raped. I was frightened, confused and my head was a mess.

I Don't Regret My Abortion - The Real Supermum

I had missed a period, was feeling sick all the time and exhausted, but, I would not believe I was pregnant! I was 18 single living at home with a part time job and spent all my money on drink and fags, pregnant not me.

Depression After Abortion; It Was Him Or The Baby - The Real Supermum

I was 19 weeks pregnant when I sat on a commode chair and gave birth to my 19 week old baby, its father, its killer sat next to me holding my hand. I remember the plopping sound and I remember the clotted mess that lay underneath me.

Forced Into Abortion Has Lasting Effects - The Real Supermum

Forced Into Abortion Has Lasting Effects If you would like to share your own anonymous story with the blog you can submit it to share with our readers. About The Real Supermum Emma White The inspiring Bipolar mum of 6 who dedicates her time to supporting others.

Abortion at 18 weeks and I don't regret it. - The Real Supermum

Abortion at 18 weeks and I don't regret it I heard a plop like sound and the urge not too look down was too strong, there laid splattered in the grey paper is what I can only describe as a hospital's sick bowl was my baby, born at 18 weeks gestation.

Abortion At 16 - The Real Supermum

Abortion At 16 - A Mums Story It all began when I met a guy then 20 through a babysitting job I did , I thought he was great the best guy I had ever met but back then I didn't realise how wrong I could possibly be.

I Changed My Mind About Having Abortion - The Real Supermum

Having an abortion is not for everyone and not everyone has ever been in this situation. What would you do if you were? Can you even imagine? With the abortion debate out there is it any wonder termination talk is so taboo?

Abortion At 15, It was the right decision for me - The Real Supermum

The thought of an abortion and having a termination are difficult for anyone to comprehend so what if you are faced with this choice at the tender age of only 15? The inspirational mum in today's guest post had to face that exact choice.

Pushed Into Having An Abortion - The Real Supermum

Inspirational mums surround me online and when they submit their experiences with me on the blog, I feel honored they want to share with others, in the hope of helping another in some small way. Abortion is great debate isn't it with so many different views.

Guest Post: I was an evil murderer ? - The Real Supermum

No one would ever choose to neglect their child right? That's why when I fell pregnant when my son was only 11 months old we knew that we couldn't go through with the pregnancy. When I was pregnant with my son I had severe spd, back pain, heartburn and suffered with headaches.

Domestic Violence Left A Mum To Face A Heartbreaking Abortion - The Real Supermum

Some would say I didn't have the best start in life, my real dad was a nasty man. He was very aggressive and good at lifting his hands. By the time I was 4 me my mum and brother had moved house 5-6times to try and get away from him.

Self-Harm After Abortion - The Real Supermum

Falling pregnant when the man does not want to support you is one thing but for your own farther to turn on too is heartbreaking. So young and feeling lost and alone this inspirational mum tells of her story.