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Headline for Insta worthy places in Ella – Views of the Luckiest!
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Insta worthy places in Ella – Views of the Luckiest!

Tucked away among the idyllic hills in the Badulla district is Ella, the charming city that offers a myriad of attractions for tourists from near and far. It also hides some of the spectacular spots among its exuberant foliage that are ideal for prettifying your Instagram feed.


Kandy to Ella Train Ride

The train ride from Kandy to Ella can be described as one of the most scenic journeys you'd ever embark in a lifetime. Alternating between lush emerald landscapes and enchanting woodlands, you'll be craning your neck, waiting for that perfect scenery to focus on your camera lens. If it's your lucky day, you will get to dangle your feet out of the carriage, which should be done at your own risk. However, a picture snapped in that position will surely put a smile on your face in the years to come. With the scintillating backdrop portraying the blue exterior of the train against the lush green drapes of nature, it'll be one of the most iconic photographs that would get those likes swooping in towards you on the gram!


Little Adam's Peak

Little Adam's Peak is yet another Insta-worthy place in Ella, Sri Lanka. Often confused with the famous Adam's Peak, which is one of the sacred sites in the country, the Little Adam's Peak is said to have gained its name due to its similar topography that reflects that of the former. It is indeed a remarkable creation of Mother Nature. For the best of the views, it is suggested that you hike atop this peak before sunrise. A different alternative would be to climb another hill adjacent to the Little Adam's Peak to capture the picturesque mountain that would be bathed in an ethereal glow as the first few rays of the sun seeps through the clouds.


Nine Arches Bridge

If you like trains, bridges, and nature, Nine Arches Bridge is the place to be! The iconic arches of the bridge are photogenic from almost any angle and look contrastingly beautiful pictured against the surrounding foliage. Below the arches, you can capture a fascinating click of someone, by highlighting the arches and the greenery underneath. One of the top things to do in Ella would be to hike from the charming town's station towards the station in Demodara. You'll get to walk through a couple of tunnels that would offer you the vibe of a real adventure. The tunnel at the end of the Nine Arches bridge even has some colourful graffiti ideal for that much-awaited post of your Insta-feed.


Ella Rock

The journey to the top of Ella Rock is quite enjoyable, especially as it entails quite a few picture-worthy spots where you can pose for that perfect click! The chilly climate and the misty surroundings make this one of the most visited places by tourists from all walks of life. You'd even get to pass through a forest of Eucalyptus trees on your way to the top, which is another beautiful spot to capture a picture. Once you reach the summit of Ella rock- prepare to be stunned out of your senses, for you'd be rewarded by a view that would leave you breathless. A picture taken on the edge of the peak would look surreal as it entails an aura of an ethereal nature.


Ravana Falls

Within a ten-minute driving distance from the main street in Ella would bring you to Ravana Falls, which would certainly make you rooted to the spot with its majestic beauty. The three-tiered cascade gushes down among the boulders creating pools of the freshest water imaginable on its way. It is not recommended to go further than the first tier of Ravana Falls. However, the much-experienced climbers can proceed at their own risk to witness the spectacular views of the surrounding valley. You'll feel like you're finally at the fountain of fair fortune from the Tales of Beedle the Bard.

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