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Headline for Thrilling Water Sports in Seychelles – Fun and Excitement at Sea
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Thrilling Water Sports in Seychelles – Fun and Excitement at Sea

Seychelles is widely regarded as one of the most naturally beautiful locations to visit anywhere on Earth! But the scenery and sights aren't the only things these wonderful islands have to offer. The azure blue waters that surround Seychelles are ripe for all manner of water sports!



Surfing is one of the most popular water sports to try out all over the world, and Seychelles is no exception. Now, unlike certain beach destinations, Seychelles isn't exactly advertised as a surfing destination. However, it actually one of the most popular hobbies for locals here – especially in Mahe island, Seychelles. Hotel rooms by the seaside – such as those on offer at the Berjaya Praslin Resort – are often treated to scenes of surfers riding the waves in the distance. The crystal-clear waters of the Indian Ocean form up some fantastic waves all around the islands – these can be a fun challenge for both beginners and surfing pros alike. October to December is generally considered to be the best time to go surfing in the Seychelles and locations such as Grand Anse Beach and Anse Forbans are hotspots for the sport.



Considered to be one of the most environmentally-friendly water sports to engage in, Kayaking can be a fun and relaxing way to spend an afternoon in Seychelles. This is also one of the best ways to explore some of the serene sights and tranquil locations that the archipelago is renowned for. The mangrove swamps that border the Seychelle's coasts serve as excellent locations to go kayaking in. Here, you'll be able to slowly paddle along to the sounds of nature while catching glimpses of rare island fauna. Along the coast, you'll also find a string of hidden coves that make for excellent exploration opportunities.



The coastal waters that surround Seychelles contain a vast amount of fringing coral reefs. These vibrant habitats are bursting with life – from colourful reef fish to rare sea turtles. One of the best ways to experience this fantastic menagerie is to grab your snorkelling kit and go exploring beneath the waves. There's a host of excellent snorkelling spots to visit in Seychelles and they each have something different to offer. Some locations are frequented by oceanic giants like manta rays while others contain ancient wrecks that are a treat to explore. SO, be sure to read up on each site and make up your mind on where to visit.



Sailing might just seem like a way to travel from island to island, but it is actually quite the engaging water sport in its own right. The tropical climate of Seychelles coupled with the favourable winds the archipelago is blessed with makes the region one of the best locations in the world to go on a sailing adventure.



Scuba diving is perhaps the most popular water sport here in Seychelles. You'll definitely find it listed on the insanitary list of every major hotel and resort found on the islands. Diving beneath the waves of the Indian Ocean and descending to the blue depths can yield amazing experiences you aren't likely to forget anytime soon. This includes getting up-close and personal with some of the largest living creatures on earth like the titanic whale shark – the world's largest extant fish!

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