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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 22, 2020
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5 Things to Be Aware of in Malaysia – What You Need to Know Before Your Travels

The immense natural beauty of Malaysia is matched only by its cultural diversity and array of fantastic attractions. With so many things to experience in this country, it's no surprise that thousands of tourists visit here every year. If you're one of them, here're a few things you should know.


Flying is Easy

There is a common adage that everyone can fly in Malaysia. This is due to several budget airlines that have risen to great prominence and popularity within the country. These allow you to fly across to most major destinations in Asia at a relatively low cost from the two central hubs of Kuala Lumpur and Kota Kinabalu. This makes Malaysia a perfect destination to stop by at if you're taking a full tour through South East Asia for example.


Duty-Free Islands

If you're looking to have a lively time here in Malaysia and perhaps get up to a bit of partying, you will soon come to realise that pursuing hedonistic pleasures can be quite expensive here. Indeed, Malaysia has one of the highest excise rates paid for a beer anywhere in the world – and the rates aren't that much better for hard liquor and tobacco either. Luckily, there are certain tax-free zones – or rather islands – that you can take advantage of. For instance, if you're staying at a Langkawi resort such as the Berjaya Langkawi Resort or are planning to travel to islands like Tioman, be sure to stock up on tax-free booze and smokes for the rest of your trip.


A Wild Haven

People aren't the only ones having a great time in Malaysia, the region is also a haven for some of the rarest and most fascinating wildlife on the planet. The rainforests found here boast a degree of biodiversity that is surpassed only by the Amazon rainforest over in South America! Though most wildlife is fragmented, you'll still find the likes of orangutans, tigers and elephants still roaming free in a number of national parks. The forests of Malaysia are also where you'll find the rare corpse flower, a spectacular sight in its own right. This natural menagerie makes Malaysia a must-visit location for nature lovers all on its own – so make some time to explore the wilds of Malaysia during your visit.


Visiting During Ramadan

More than half of Malaysia's population are Muslims. As such, Ramadan is widely observed throughout the country, However, unlike locations in the Middle East such as Dubai, non-Muslims and visitors do not need to abstain from alcohol and smoking during the holy month of Eid. Most hotels and restaurants will readily serve up booze so there's no need to fret. What's more, as night falls, the time for eating dawns. You'll find delectable spreads of the finest Malaysian cuisine during this time, so go and help yourself!


Food in Malaysia

Speaking of food, the dishes available in Malaysia have often been cited as one of the country's best features. There's a wide selection of eateries to choose from – starting with small street-side vendors all the way to luxurious 5-star dining experiences. Keep in mind that pork isn't available in most restaurants. Penang is considered the gastronomic capital of Malaysia, and you'll be treated to a fusion of Chinese, Indian and Thai flavours here.

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