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Top 5 Socket Organizer For Your Garage

The socket organizer is a sensible way of storing sockets of various sizes that are meant for your own socket wrench.

Indeed, Among the issues of this socket wrench is that it comes with so many sockets that in the workshop, many of them can easily get lost or lead to clutter over time.

This is the point where the socket organizer comes into action.



Olsa Tools ALSRRD

Olsa Tools ALSRRD

The Olsa Tools is. This socket organizer will not rust, is corrosion-free and durable. All those are.

In addition, you can store up to 54 sockets of Also the clips and different sizes themselves are created from a strong ABS plastic that is quite durable as well. This socket organizer may accommodate socket sizes of 1/2 inch, 1/4 inch and 3/8 inch which makes it very flexible. In addition you have the chance.

Each clip is Spring-loaded making it easy and easy to use. Additionally, the clips are going to have the ability to hold every socket quite securely when attached and you may hold the socket organizer down and the outlets won't fall. This makes it ideal for storing in a tote.

All in all Olsa Tools is a set of small and compact socket organizers that is constructed to last. In terms of build quality, this version is unquestionably among the best impact socket organizers on the market. If you do not have a lot of sockets to shop, this is a superb model to consider.

The Only caveat we notice with this item is that some components can rust over the years so it's not fully waterproof and weatherproof. So if you keep it it won't be very stable, the tray is quite narrow.


Hansen Global 92000

Hansen Global 92000

One of the highlights of That Hansel Global socket organizer is the remarkable number of sockets that it can accommodate. You can store up to 166 sockets in this tray.

It is, since this unit is made from ABS plastic Very durable and long-lasting. Additionally, the build construction of this socket organizer ensures it is corrosion-free and will easily withstand substances like oils that you normally encounter in the garage a workshop.

In Regards to socket sizes Will accommodate all industry standard socket sizes, which range from 1/4 inch around 1/2 inch.

The clips have been designed in Such a way so as to accommodate sockets that are both regular and deep. This makes it quite flexible and able to accommodate a full set of socket wrench pieces.

This factory outlet organizer tray could have been a Little bit more costly and the plastic structure definitely does not give it this premium-feel. However, you still get a great deal for your money, regardless and it remains one of the most effective magnetic outlet organizers on the market.


Ares 70232

Ares 70232

The Ares 70232 is a small and portable socket organizer that comes in Various sizes. However, this version is a professional socket organizer which holds 1 type of socket dimensions. The socket size model can be chosen by you during buy.

In Unit in this socket organizer review remains its sockets which provides a more secure and more secure storing ability to it. We also like the fact that the socket size is clearly marked along with the white on red contrast creates the markings very observable, even in low-light ailments.

The Bottom of the tray also has a rubber pad which keeps it from damaging the surface. All in all, the Ares 70232 is a simple and yet highly powerful socket organizer. This is an superb model to take into account if you only work with a outlet dimensions.

The only Is the fact that it may hold a maximum of 26 sockets only. Also, it could only hold 1 socket dimensions in any given time that further limits its storage capacity.


Ernst Manufacturing 8415

Ernst Manufacturing 8415

If it comes to cost, the Ernst Manufacturing is unbeatable. Indeed, this version is one of the most economical socket organizers which money can purchase. It measures 13 inches which let it accommodate 14 sockets.

However, its length is still small enough so as to Comfortably fit in a small bag. One of this socket organizer's greatest characteristics is its own twist-lock mechanism which can hold the socket in position whenever you twist the socket on the clip.

In General, we are impressed to realize that the twist-lock mechanism was implemented in this affordable socket organizer since this is a characteristic that's normally reserved for more expensive and premium tier socket organizers. This version is definitely among the greatest socket organizer tray in regards to cost.

If you don't have to store a Lot of outlets, then this is an excellent choice because it can store only 14 sockets. Additionally, it is fairly basic and the spin lock mechanism is somewhat difficult to work with when compared to much more superior versions.


Neiko 03965A

Neiko 03965A

The Neiko 03965A is a Easy and yet highly effective socket organizer which can accommodate up to 62 sockets with no issue. It will also fit socket dimensions ranging from 3/8 inch, 1/4 inch, and 1/2 inch. But best, this model has a wall mounted hanging clip as it can hang easily in your wall.

Moreover, Its red coloration makes it easy find and to view at the workshop. The clips are both heavy and build in such a manner that they will provide a firm grip to your sockets, whether you are using deep or shallow sockets.

In terms of construct construction, there is no problem There as this version is made of a thick molded plastic that is long-lasting and durable. It makes the Neiko 03965A very lightweight and easy to carry around. But, it does not look as models that is created of metal as premium.

Best of All, there is a wall hanger clip which makes this model one of the very best Toolbox socket organizers. The problem for this Model is its own plastic build structure and that it uses SAE measurements only.