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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 20, 2020
Headline for Must-Try Street Food in the Philippines –excitement for all food lovers
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Must-Try Street Food in the Philippines –excitement for all food lovers

Feeling a little bored when you are in the Philippines? If what you need is an evening of excitement, and especially if you are a foodie who wants to try new tastes, why not explore some amazing street food in this amazing destination?


Lechon Manok

Thinking of what to eat tonight during your stay in the Philippines? Do you have a bunch of friends with you to share your meal with? Then why not try this amazing dish called 'Lechon Manok'! This means spit-roasted chicken and of course one of the most popular dishes in the country. As it is available almost everywhere, you can also get it delivered with freshly cooked white rice and enjoy the meal together. If enjoying delivered food is not your thing, you can also go to any small vendor who sells these on the streets.


Puto bumbong

If you are looking for a place with good amenities at Citadines Cebu City during the month of December – try options like Citadines Cebu City. Once you are here, look for a true Pilipino dish known as the Puto bumbong – and it will surely delight you! It's one of the most famous Christmas foods in the country and is basically a purple rice cake that's made by steaming the ground purple rice mixture inside a bamboo tube. In their local language, the bamboo is called 'bumbong ng kawayan' and this accurately describes how this special food got its name.


Pork Sisig

This again is a very popular dish in the Philippines. It has minced pork, chopped onion, and chicken liver in it, and that combination is extremely amazing. Some people have sisig as a main dish, and here they have it with a cup of warm white rice which is a mouth-watering combination. If you are a foodie with a great sense of culinary delights, you will also love to taste this dish with some beer and spirits for a change.



It's pleasing and welcoming just as its name is! In the Philippines, this dish is also known as binignit and it is indeed a popular dessert in the country. It generally has many ingredients such as sweet potato, purple yam, taro root, bananas, tapioca pearls, and bilo-bilo (rice balls). The flavor and the texture of this dessert dish is so awesome, that it makes one of the best midafternoon snacks of all.



It's the Pilipino version of milkfish which is super delicious. This dish is normally served with soya/ vinegar and garlic and needless to say enhances the taste of Bangus. If you are not someone who prefers pork, then this dish will be a great alternative for you, and this is much healthier as well. Compared to the pork dish, Bangus has less fat, cholesterol, and fewer calories too. Try it with garlic fried rice for a mind-blowing explosion of flavours!