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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 19, 2020
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5 Non-Touristy Things to Do in Singapore – The Uncommon To-Do List!

When holidaying in Singapore, most people seem to be framed into areas that are specifically designated as tourist attractions. But some may feel the urge to experience the authentic Singaporean vibe. Read on to find out some places that emanate the true ambience of Singapore!


Speak with the Traditional Craftsmen

It is saddening to see that the long lineages of traditional bakers and craftsmen are quietly vanishing to the thin air, unsuspected by the latest generations who prefer everything to be handled by the high-tech machines. Thankfully, you can still get to know about these trades through the Disappearing Trades Tour, in which you will be offered opportunities to speak with some of these craftsmen and listen to their stories.


Admire the Street Art in Haji Street

Well, it's true that Haji Street is one of the shopping hotspots in Singapore. Tourists mostly overlook the fact that this street has been decorated with hundreds of breathtaking wall arts and street murals. It can be guaranteed that you would fall in love with at least two or three of the murals of the place. The artworks are absolutely hypnotic, and the colourful havoc would make the artist in you want to do the foxtrot! As if the streets aren't artistic enough, some cafes churn out your image on their coffees as well.


Book Hunting

Although unheard of, there are small book nooks scattered sparsely in Singapore that create ideal havens for many bibliophiles. Even if you aren't a fan of the paperbacks, these pretty Indie book stores will grab at the corner of your hearts with their delicate designs. One can spend hours browsing everything from popular fiction to romance and crime fiction to lesser-known genres at these places. BooksActually, Littered with Books, and Woods in the Books are some of the bookstores in Singapore that have a unique aura about them, with some stores specialising in areas on which its owners command a never-ending thirst and adoration. For example, Woods in the Books caters towards quenching all your picture-book needs, which aren't available just for kids.


Enjoy Excellent Cocktails

You should check out the Singapore nightlife to best extract the local perspective of the most authentic Singaporean experience. Singapore is hailed as a country that houses some of the finest bars in the world. The bar & lobby called Atlas has an impressive interior, which is inspired by the European restaurants of the 1920s. It also boasts of one of the world's most comprehensible collection of champagne and gin. While you're staying at properties such as Park Hotel Alexandra, why not head out to the Manhattan bar to enjoy some of the best cocktails you've ever tasted.


Discover the Toys through the Ages

One of the rare gems of Singapore is the MINT Museum of Toys. With MINT standing for a Moment of Imagination with Nostalgia and Toys, this museum houses an impressive collection of toys through the ages, some older even than your great grandparents! The place doesn't just put a roof over these vintage collectibles, but their backstories are presented to the visitors as well. The MINT Museum of Toys lies in proximity to many hotels Near Mapletree Business City Singapore. If you happen to be in one of them, make sure you spare a quick visit to this place where you would be reminded of a childhood that is long forgotten.

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