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Eight Facts to Help You Get to Know Kunming – A City Where Every Day is Spring!

A majority of China's ethnic minorities live in Yunnan Province. One out of five people in its capital, Kunming, is considered to belong in this group. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Kunming is home to unique specialty dishes and some fantastic souvenirs.


Pets are quite popular in Kunming.

There is a street in Kunming that is wholly dedicated to pets. From miniature turtles to puppies and squirrels to birds, you can go through a myriad of animals to choose the best pet for you.


Kunming is a city of eternal spring.

Kunming boasts of an average temperature of 15 °C throughout the year. This fabulous temperature allows the flowers to be in full bloom at any given time, which is also the basis of its nickname, "the spring city."


Kunming is a significant transportation hub in China.

Bordering Vietnam, Laos, and Myanmar lies the Yunnan Province of China. Its convenient placement has marked it out as a transportation hub in the country. Currently, there are plans to build a railway from Kunming to Singapore, which would span for about 3900 kilometres. Kunming also houses the fourth largest airport in China.


Kunming is a city of music.

Tourists who stroll at the Green Lake Park would be fascinated by groups of people belting out tunes that are dearly loved by the natives. The sweet melodies of the trumpets will transport you into a different world when you walk down to this park in the evenings from the confines of a Green Lake hotel in Kunming.


Kunming is a hotspot for studies.

The 12 universities in Kunming is a measurement of what the city thinks of its education. These specialise in various areas including medicine, arts, business, finance, forestry, science and technology, and many other subject areas. Located near properties such as Grand Park Kunming is the oldest university is the Yunnan University, which was founded in 1922.


Kunming is a picture-worthy city.

The magnificent karst formations of the stone forest and the scenic Yuanyang rice terraces are sites that you should definitely visit for that much-needed clicks to hold Kunming in your memory. Apart from its breathtaking landscapes, Kunming is home to some fascinating yet unusual sights. For example, it is a city that is visited by a large number of seagulls.


Kunming has a unique array of street snacks.

From street-side popcorn to fruit pizza, Kunming offers a variety of street food in every nook and corner. They are perfect for quenching your sudden pangs of hunger or for soothing your sudden cravings. If you ever feel puckish when touring in Kunming, you'll always have a myriad of options from which you can choose.


Kunming accounts for as much as half of Yunnan's GDP

As a developing tourism and resort region, Kunming has earned a status as the commercial hub of Yunnan. Manufacturing accounts for about 45% of its economy, and around 6% is contributed by the agriculture of the city.

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