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Twenty Five Squares

How To Make Your Torrent Download Speed 300% Faster?

Torrent Download Speed is very important for downloading series, movies, and other entertainment shows from the internet. Using torrent is also not a very difficult job for the users.

Best Call Blocking App For Android

Some android devices come with a built in feature of blocking calls, while others need a little help from third party Call Blocking App For Android. Here’s a list of Call Blocking App For Android

14 Best Nova Launcher Themes and Icon Packs to Use

Here is the list of some of the Best Nova Launcher Themes and Icon Packs design your Android phone The Nova Launcher Icon Packs are the best way to customize.

14 Best ways on how to unblock blocked websites

Sometimes you find out that content is banned in your region. It could be due to various reasons but There are ways to unblock blocked websites. Restricted websites can be unlocked using a few methods.

How to remove write protection from SD card & Pen drive | Guide

So you remove write protection from SD card or pen drive and are greeted with the message “the disk is write-protected”. If you are having this trouble, you

Best way delete your yahoo email account | Guide

How to deactivate OR delete your yahoo email account for good, Although getting a new account is understandable, it still does not take away the fact.

3 Best Way To Download And Export Google Chrome Passwords

Google Chrome  has quite a few built-in features but don't have feature to Export Google Chrome Passwords. One such feature is the built-in password manager.

18 Best Free Photo Collage Maker Apps For Android And iOS

There are a few simple to utilize and free photo collage maker app for both Android and iPhone. This article records down the best collage maker applications which will assist you

How To Install Kodi On Fire Stick/Fire TV | Best Guide

Learn How To Install Kodi On Fire Stick, Introducing Kodi on Fire TV will empower you to appreciate a tremendous list of films, TV appears, live news inclusion from around the globe

How To Download SoundCloud Songs For Free? | 6 Methods

SoundCloud is the biggest online sound and music streaming company. It permits you to tune in, share, and Download SoundCloud Songs, anyplace anytime anywhere

10 Best Free Email Services You Must Opt. For

Free Email Services may appear to be very common, however, there are some free administrations that stand path over the rest. This guide will help you through

How To Deactivate Or Delete Your Twitter Account | Best Tutorial

How to Deactivate and Delete Your Twitter Account and With around 6,000 tweets tweeted every second, it's nothing unexpected a few clients are over powered by the sheer volume.

Best way to delete google account permanently | Tutorial

In this guide we are explaining Delete Google Account Permanently along with this you can check the Google News Here.

2 Best Methods To Download Facebook Videos Online

Learn how to Download Facebook Videos from the website directly. This tutorial will help you to understand how you can Download Facebook Videos directly with copy & past facebook video URL

How To Deactivate Or Delete Instagram Account | Best Guide

Instagram is one of the biggest social media giants. However, you can Delete Instagram Account and also not everybody is fond of Instagram. While some people consider the time spent on the app wasted and regret it.

How To Delete Facebook Account Permanently | Best Guide

There are two different ways to Delete Facebook Account: You can deactivate your facebook account or decide to Delete Facebook Account. Regardless of whether you're worried about your online privacy.

8 Best Methods to take screenshot on snapchat without them knowing

Snapchat is known for sending notifications when one takes a screenshot. However, there are ways you can take screenshot on snapchat without them knowing.

10 Best Tumblr Alternatives You Should Consider

We have curated this article for you, where we give you 10 Best Tumblr Alternatives that would almost give you the same experience. Microblogging is like focusing a laser on your blog.

Best Way to Convert Audio or Video Files to Any Format Using VLC?

In this tutorial check out how to Convert Audio or Video Files to Any Format Using VLC. It can convert both audio and video formats into various other formats.

6 Best Methods to check computer graphics card

It is very important to check computer graphics card specifications of your device if you work with graphics-intensive applications or a gamer. memory data rate, bandwidth, type, and so forth.

Best Method To Disable Google Assistant | Guide

The Google Assistant comes with a lot of advantages, although you can Disable Google Assistant, It is available on most Android devices and now the iPhone, and also Google Home.