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Let's get digitally connected

Social media marketing is the new trend that helps to build your brand with no or less investment. Instagram plays a major role in social media marketing. Know the effectiveness of brand building through Instagram

Digital Marketing Services Blog - Aorta

Yeah, Instagram is the powerful social media marketing tool to increase your brand awareness. To know how and why, read full article and gain useful insights. Pour in your comments.

All you need to know about referral marketing! - Aorta Digital Services

Referral marketing – Your website may not be the centre of universe, but your customers are and they can turn your nothing to something!!!

10 Best SEO tools – The complete guide – Site Title

Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing your website for increasing website traffic by providing quality content to users. SEO tools act as a guide in this entire process. There are various free and paid tools available. Let's have a look at the best ten SEO tools used by the best SEO company in…

5 LinkedIn tools to boost your business - Aorta Digital Services

LinkedIn is a busy digital platform where business deals and recruitments take place virally in this digital era. Many companies do find LinkedIn as a golden opportunity to make their business successful. It is a great digital platform for networking, lead generation, conversation and more. In this article let us discuss 5 LinkedIn tools that helps to boost your business performance.

YouTube or Instagram Marketing - Confused? - Aorta Digital Services

Digital marketing can be stated as the most complicated, yet significant powerful aspect on which every business invests and rely on. It is the progressive process of marketing your products and services through electronic devices. Digital marketing is a wide area under which I shall now discuss only YouTube and Instagram marketing. To be more specific, this article is more into differentiating these both.

Let’s explore Quora Marketing! - Aorta Digital Services

Quora is a knowledge exchange platform where you can dedicate your quality time to enjoy quality pieces of stuff. It’s also a platform where you can share your real-life experiences by answering such questions. This is not a platform to stage your fake stories and emotions. Instead, it’s a platform where you can find “n” kinds of answers for one question. Here, you can also make friends dealing with the same interests. Moreover, you can just chill down on reading some light answers.

What is retargeting? | Types and benefits | – Site Title

Imagine a situation when a most loved friend among your gang leaves your home as soon as she visited. Now answer my following question. What will you do to make her/him visit your home again? You would either invite them again or you will go and bring them to your home along with you. Right?…

Copywriting Vs Content writing - Aorta Digital Services

It is important to know the difference between copy and content writing. But before diving into differentiating, let me help you and myself to be clear about what actually content and copywriting is and then I’ll take you along with me to the differences.

What is Lead generation? – Site Title

Who is a lead? A lead can be any person who shows up interest in your company's product or service. In other words, a lead is generally a visitor who shows signs of conversion or interest in your brand. What is lead generation? Leads are the fuel to any business. Lead generation is the process…

All you need to know about WhatsApp Marketing! - Aorta Digital Services

Have you ever thought that why haven’t we started marketing on a platform that has one billion users when we market on platforms which has million active users?

Content marketing and three stages where we need to focus - Aorta Digital Services

Know what? Content is the reason why the search began.
So, it is a commitment and not a campaign.
Get to know content marketing and it's three phases.

Blogging and 5 best tips to monetize your blog – Site Title

Evolution Have you ever thought of where the word "BLOG" could have been originated? With the help of Wikipedia, I was able to spot out that, it was initially coined as "weblog" by Jorn Barger and then it was Peter Merholz who jokingly broke the word weblog into Blog.Apart from this, what's more, interesting is…