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Gomed Stone (Hessonite) | Gomed Stone Benefits | Gomed Stone Price

The Gomed stone also known as hessonite stone is an immensely powerful gemstone, it has lot of physical and emotional benefits. Gomed stone is more beneficial for those who have sarpa dosha. The Gomed stone benefits are it removes mental problems, fear, and confusions. It is excellent for people who have gastric disorder and sluggish metabolism. Hessonite stone gives you self confidence and gives you strength to overcome drugs and alcohol. Gomed stone makes you to win over enemies and negative conditions like problems from spirits, black magic etc,

Red Coral Stone or Moonga Stone Benefits as per Astrology

Red coral stone is also known as moonga stone. Red coral stone helps in overcoming symptoms mental depression and listlessness. Coral stone has lot of impact on mental health. Red coral stone benefits are it provides strong protection against evil eye and black magic, it protects women from widowhood. People who are in considerable debt should wear a Moonga stone according to their birth chart because the planet mars and its energies help in debt repayment.

Emerald Gemstone | Emerald Stone Benefits | Emerald Stone

Emerald stone also known as panna stone can take away emotional toxicity. The person who wears emerald gemstone can see lot of improvement in creativity skills and create something better. This stone will benefit people who have many problems in life like getting cheated and defrauded, this will help to overcome all that and improve the style of communication. Emerald stone benefits is that it improves lack of confidence while speaking to others.

Ruby Stone | Manik stone | Ruby stone Price | Ruby Stone benefits

Ruby stone also known as Manik stone. The sun is the king of the nine planets, and the most powerful planet. The sun is the source of energy, authoritarian and respectful. Ruby stone benefits are that it is also useful for people with low confidence, low self-esteem and without leadership qualities. It is a stone for fame and relationships. It helps to gain favour and recognition from people in higher authorities. Ruby maintains cordial relationships with partners, family members and society. You can light a lost flame in a relationship. According to Western astrology, it is also the birthstone of July.

Saturn transit in Capricorn | Saturn transit in Capricorn 2020 | Saturn transit 2020 Predictions | Saturn transit dates

Given that the planet Saturn is a natural artifact and has been responsible for the Department of Justice and the management of karma throughout life, its movement mitigates some of the future challenges for others. Like a mentor, who guides us on the right path and punishes us when we do something wrong, the planet Saturn transit 2020-2023 guides us. According to Saturn transit predictions, When Saturn moves to Capricorn, Transit is the period during which the doors will open to be successful during their use.

Blue Sapphire Stone - Neelam Gemstone Benefits and Effects

Blue sapphire is a highly protected gemstone also known as Neelam stone. Blue sapphire stone helps to protect against enemies, the evil eye, hex, jealousy, etc. It is one of the fastest acting gemstones and its impact is immediately noticeable. It can be endowed with wealth, good luck, opportunity, and promotion, etc. Within a day or a month of use. It has excellent healing abilities to calm and flatten the senses and gently bless it. Give finance a positive boost. You can say hello to multiple sources of income if the person is so inclined and works in their own way.

Catseye Stone | Cat Eye Stone | Cats Eye Stone | Gemstone Universe

Wearing stone at a cat's eye can help reverse the loss of wealth. You also have the option of taking over a closed business. A cat's eye stone can benefit from the restoration of consciousness and memory. Wearing a cat’s eye gemstone can trigger many anonymous fears and complexities that keep a person paralyzed and hesitant to take positive action toward themselves. It is a gemstone with intense planetary energy and quickly shows effects.

Ruby Stone (Gemstone) or Manik Stone Benefits - Gemstone Universe

Using a natural ruby ​​gemstone also known as manikya stone can help overcome punctuality. For people who find it difficult to listen to themselves, it is a big stone because it supports the "self". The natural ruby ​​gemstone is red in color and is often associated with passion and love. One of the ruby gemstone benefits ​​is that it can remove confusion and give a careful, clear, and focused eye. People who cannot set goals, wearing a Burmese ruby ​​and see the difference.

Neelam Stone Price | Gemstone Universe | Neelam Stone

The blue sapphire gemstone is also known as Neelam stone in hindi. It is powerful and Neelam stone is considered by many to be one of the most powerful gemstones. Many have reported an immediate impact on the launch of Neelam stone. Most blue sapphires have obtained the classification "Pastel" in one of the best laboratories in the world. Since the Neelam gemstone has the powers of Lord Shani, People wih sign Capricorn and acquires will be more benefitted. Gemstone universe is pleased to have lot of Neelam stones with affordable Neelam stone price.

Yellow Sapphire Stone Benefits | Yellow Sapphire Benefits

Yellow sapphire is also known as Pukhraj stone. Wearing natural yellow sapphire can go a long way among academics and is a great gemstone for those involved in higher academic activities and teaching. The natural yellow sapphire gemstone can help a lot as a healing stone for stomach pain, poor digestive system, and jaundice. Pukhraj's stone helps the wearer with clarity, focus and decision-making ability. Those seeking spiritual evolution can also benefit greatly.