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Medical Malpractice Los Angeles

Cochran Firm Law has represented various clients who suffered from Medical Malpractice in Los Angeles. We have a knowledgeable and skilled team of lawyers to assist the legal needs of the clients.


An Overview to the severity of the Burn Injuries to the victim

Burn Injury is a combination of the negligent act or failure to act by one or more persons or entities that can cause an accident to occur. Usually, burn accidents take place due to failure to prevent them timely. In this case, damage to the skin or other parts of the body caused by extreme heat, flame, contact with heated objects, chemicals, and more. Burn depth for treating a person categorized into first, second, and third-degree. Treatment options vary from only applying a cold pack to emergency treatment to skin wounds.

Degree of Severity
• First-degree burns considered mild compared to other injuries. They result in pain and reddening of the outer layer of skin.
• Second-degree burns affect both the upper and lower layer of the skin of the person.
• Third-degree burns go through the lower layer and affect the deeper tissues.

Types of burns
a) Thermal Burns – these occur when a person comes in contact with hot objects like flames, fires, hot utensils like pan, irons.

b) Chemical Burns – these happen due to contact of a person with a harsh irritant or acid like chlorine, bleach, ammonia.

c) Electric Burns – these happen due to contact with electric current by a person.

d) Friction Burns – these occur when skin repeatedly rubs against another surface.

e) Radiation Burns – these happen due to radiation therapy given to a person.

First Aid
For major burns:
a. Remove the victim from the burning area.
b. Remove the burning material from the person.
c. Activate the emergency response in the area you needed.
d. Try to wrap the victim's wounds with a clean sheet.
For minor burns:
a. Gently clean the wound with lukewarm water.
b. Remove rings, bracelets, and other materials.
c. Apply antibiotic ointments.
d. If the burn is more in-depth, then seek medical care.
e. Update tetanus immunization if needed.

 Nerve damage.
 Multiple reconstructive and restorative injuries
 There is a loss of limbs due to injury-related amputation of the victim.
 Infections.
 Significant, ongoing medical expenses.
 Inability to grow new skin.
 Lifelong emotional and psychological trauma.

Serious injuries required hospitalization
• Greater than 15% burns in adults.
• More than 10% of burns in children.
• Any full-thickness burn.
• Burns of particular regions: feet, hands, face.
• Inhalation injury.

Medical Assessment
 Airway
 Breathing
 Circulation
 Immediate Therapy
 History
 Transfer Procedure
 Final Note
 Burn Injury Criteria for Burn Center

A lawsuit against Burn Injuries
Burn Injuries considered fatal injuries to the person due to the negligence or misconduct of another person to the victim. A person who faced severe injuries is liable to file a lawsuit against the opposing party to claim compensation for losses. Burn injury attorneys help the victims in claiming amount for medical expenses, loss of income, loss of potential revenue, pain, and sufferings. The lawyers represent the clients in courtrooms to have the best possible result.

A burn is an injury that occurs when the skin comes in contact with something hot or cohesive substance. Burns can come from heat, chemical, electricity, radiation, and frictions. The harshness of the wound depends upon the intensity of heat and the length of time a person remains in contact with hot objects. The expert lawyers assist their clients in getting an adequate amount of compensation for the losses and damages.

Racial Profiling California

Racial Profiling California is the most prevalent legal issue faced by the general public. Cochran Firm Law has a qualified team of lawyers to fight against racial profiling in getting compensation for clients. Our firm is offering excellent legal services and solutions for the last many years. For further queries, please click on our website.

Discrimination California

Our professional lawyers for Discrimination in California stand for the rights of the clients. Cochran Firm Law is offering outstanding services for injustice behavior of employers with employees. We have the top-notch legislative solutions with an adequate amount of compensation. For further queries, please visit our website.


Los Angeles Amputation Lawyer

Cochran Firm Law is delivering an excellent team of Los Angeles Amputation Lawyer. Our attorneys direct you through the process of claiming compensation the victims deserve for losses. We request the amount for medical expenses, income loss, potential revenue collapse, pain, and suffering. For more information, please click on our website.

Los Angeles Amputation Lawyer

Cochran Firm Law is delivering an excellent team of Los Angeles Amputation Lawyer. Our attorneys direct you through the process of claiming compensation the victims deserve for losses. We request the amount for medical expenses, income loss, potential revenue collapse, pain, and suffering. For more information, please click on our website.

Traumatic Brain Injury in Los Angeles is a prominent leading legal issue faced by the public. Cochran Firm Law is offering outstanding legal solutions for claiming compensation for the losses. Our attorneys have unique skills and experience to fetch positive results for the clients. For further information, please contact on our website.

Discrimination California

Cochran Firm Law offers legal advice on a whole range of Discrimination in California. We relieve the stress of the victim who faced injustice at the workplace by providing excellent services. Our attorneys gather all the required resources to represent a strong case in the trial room. For further details, please contact on our website.


Essential tips for safety from fatal injuries due to Auto Accidents

An Auto Accident refers to traffic collision or motor vehicle accidents due to striking or colliding of vehicles on the road. It causes due to the negligence or reckless driving of the cars by the drivers or by not following the traffic rules. Every year, so many people lost their body parts or even their lives also due to these accidents. Our legal representatives help in getting recovery amount from the offensive party for the medical expenses, income loss, pain, and sufferings. Car accidents always result in property damage or others in severe injuries or death to the victim.
Factors of happening accidents
There are so many factors that are responsible for severe auto accidents. Some of them are as follows:
• Over Speeding – Most of the fatal accidents happen due to over speeding of the vehicles on the roads. It is a natural psyche of the human being to have excel, so on the way, he achieves infinity in speed and meets with the wreck.
• Drunken Driving – Consumption of alcohol while driving also causes accidents. Alcohol dampens fear of the person and invites him to take the risk due to which he faced a severe collision.
• Distractions to Driver – distractions to the motorists on the road also led to the accidents.
• Red Light Jumping – it is a common cause of most of the striking on the way.
• Avoiding Safety Gears – not wearing the safety gear like helmets, seat belts also led to a traffic collision.
Parties involved and causes
 Drivers: violation of rules, over-speeding, fatigue, alcohol, fail to understand traffic signs.
 Pedestrians: carelessness, illiteracy, crossing from the wrong place, jaywalkers.
Effects of accidents
There are several effects of car accidents on a person. These categorized into two types, which are as follows:
1. Emotional Effects: the mental and emotional injuries after accidents are mental anguish, mood swings, sleep disturbances, anxiety, fear, anger, shock, embarrassment, lack of energy, loss of appetite, and so on.
2. Physical Effects: physical injuries include severe injuries to the brain, body parts, head trauma, whiplash, neck strains, sprains, fractures, disc injuries, and more.

Safety Measures
 Develop the right attitude about driving, like having the necessary knowledge and skills.
 Get as much supervised practice driving as possible.
 Always wear safety gear while driving.
 Underage drinking and drug use are illegal.
 Limit your passengers in the vehicles.
 Limit your night driving.
 Train for poor weather conditions.
 Mobiles used only in an emergency while driving.
 Drive a safe vehicle by following all traffic rules.
Auto Accident legal services
Auto Accidents led to severe injuries and even caused the death of the victim. The injured person faced lots of problems due to a traffic collision. He suffered from physical and emotional injuries. The car wreck lawyers assist the plaintiffs in getting an adequate amount of compensation amount they deserve. The attorneys represent the clients in the trial rooms to fetch a positive and the best possible results for them.
Traffic collision or motor vehicle accidents led to severe injuries or even death of the victim of the accident. Auto accidents increased day-by-day due to the careless behavior of the drivers and pedestrians on the road. The well-trained and experienced attorneys help their clients in getting the compensatory amount for medical expenses, income loss, potential revenue loss, pain, and suffering.

Cochran Firm Law is delivering extraordinary legal solutions for Racial Profiling in California. We are successfully representing our clients for misconduct based on race, gender, position, and status. Our lawyers enthusiastically work for the optimum possible outcome for the clients. For further information, please click on our website.


Some Unknown Facts About Bicycle Accidents and its Legal Solutions in California

A bicycle accident is an accident involving the collision between an individual riding bicycle and a motor-bike operator. In other words, the interference by the motor vehicle driver with the bicyclist’s ability to ride a bike. When the driver of the car fails to pay attention or to drive distracted, it results in a severe injury or even death of the cyclist. Often, a bicycle accident is a case of negligence as the driver of the vehicle fails to perform with reasonable care under the circumstances.

• Bicycle vs. Bicycle Accidents
• Car Dooring
• Illegal Road Crossing
• Defective Bike Parts
• Intersection Accidents
• Pedestrian vs. Bicycle Accidents
• Road Defects
• Sideswipes
• Trucks and Big Rigs

Common Causes
• Distracted Driving or Riding – drivers and bicyclists who look away from the road while texting or making a phone call causes distraction, which leads to severe accidents.
• Riding too Close – drivers required to maintain distance between bicyclists and their vehicles. The cyclists are also aware of adequate space from other automobiles. Otherwise, riding very near to vehicles leads to wreck.
• Over Speeding – traveling too fast, a vehicle is also a critical cause of accidents on the road.
• Opening Car Doors – careless car dooring causes an unsafe condition for bicyclists.
• Cars Entering Street – bicyclists never assume that drivers see them approaching near while pulling their vehicles from a parking lot, which results in a severe crash.
• Merging Lanes or Turning into an Intersection – integrating between different pathways without any hand gesture results in an accident.

Reduce your Risk of Injury

A responsible bicyclist must follow the traffic rules and aware of the surroundings. We must observe some protective measures as follows, as we cannot control the action of other drivers:
• Keeping a safe distance from other automobiles on the highway
• Wearing a bike helmet every time you ride a bicycle
• Dressing in bright or insightful clothing, especially at night
• Installing rear and front lights on bicycles
• Signaling when making turns or stops
• Do not ride and text

Injuries Related to Bicycle Accidents

• Amputation – traumatic amputation is the loss of leg, arm, finger, toe, or another body part.
• Bone fractures – arms, legs, shoulders, hip, feet all are subject to rupture in a road accident.
• Brain injury – traumatic brain injury lasts a lifetime and even fatal.
• Dental injury – some accidents result in chipped or cracked teeth, and other dental damages.
• Fatalities – some bicycle accidents cause fatal injuries or, sometimes, even the death of the victim.
• Joint dislocations – when a rider comes in contact with another vehicle, then the collision results in severe joint disorder of bicyclists.
• Paralysis – a bicycle crash leads to disease, loss of the ability to move of the body, cell, or portion.
• Nerve damage – these damages affect any part of the body with potentially devastating consequences.
• Spinal cord injury – damage in any part of the spine results in permanent changes to the life of bicyclists.

Legal Solutions

Section 21200 of the California Vehicle Code delivers that the bicyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as other drivers. Since 2014, California has a mandatory rule that all drivers give a bicyclist at least three feet space when driving alongside or passing them. Furthermore, no one obstructs a bicycle path by stopping in the road or by parking a car or vehicle in it. The bicyclists should also be aware of the rules to follow on the way. The well-trained and experienced attorneys help the victims of the accident to get an adequate amount of compensation for the losses they suffered.


Los Angeles Amputation Lawyer

Los Angeles Amputation Lawyer is assisting the legal requirements of the victim of an accident. We recover financial resources to aid you in your recovery, rehabilitation, and reintegration into a healthy life. Cochran Firm Law is one of the top-notch law firms in California and Los Angeles. For more inquiries, please contact on our website.

Medical Malpractice California

Cochran Firm Law allows for victims to claim a deserving amount of loss for Medical Malpractice in California. Our attorneys know the fact that the medical malpractices lead to the severe and devastating effects on a person. We assist clients in having the best possible result for their case. For additional details, please visit our website.

Cochran Firm Law is representing itself as the best law firm in Los Angeles and California. Our attorneys for Traumatic Brain Injury in Los Angeles provide extreme legal solutions to the clients. We feel you confident regarding complicated issues as we have vast experience in various trials. For further inquiries, please contact on our website.

Disability Discrimination California

Disability Discrimination in California is a legal service provided by the Cochran Firm Law. Our attorneys have all skills and experiences to handle all the legal complexities on behalf of the clients. We assist victims in getting fair and just outcome by following up with all the necessary legal advice. For more inquiries, please visit our website.

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