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Unique Things to do in Ahungalla – A Small Coastal Getaway!

Ahungalla is one of the small coastal towns situated in the southern coastline, Galle District that has a lot of history behind its small-town charm thanks to its proximity of the Galle Fort and the beautiful sandy beach stretch along the Cape Point. Here are some unique things to do in Ahungalla.


Catch Fish

The people of Ahungalla catch fish from either the sea or the river. Catching fish in Ahungalla is a very common hobby for people who don't do it for a living. If you like you can ask the staff at your hotel to arrange for you to go out on a fishing trip with the locals. It is a great way to learn both about the people of the South coast and the various kinds of fish which you can then bring them back to be cooked the Sri Lankan way by chefs at hotels such as Heritance Ahungalla which was designed by Bawa himself.


Visit Cinnamon Island

Cinnamon Island is one of the many islands that you will pass by on when you take a cruise on the river. Natural wild-grown Ceylon cinnamon is considered the most sought-after kind of cinnamon in the world and there are many cinnamon plantations in Galle and the South of Sri Lanka. Cinnamon is harvested once a year and if you visit Cinnamon Island you can witness the entire process and also engage with the cinnamon peelers. They are very friendly and will teach you how to peel the cinnamon and what each part of the tree is used for.


Visit the Cinnamon Oil Factory

Cinnamon oil is extracted from cinnamon leaves and you can witness this delicate and deliciously scented process at the cinnamon oil factory. The guide will take you through the steam distillation method so you can understand the intricacies of cinnamon oil extraction. You can even purchase oil and cinnamon tea for a nominal sum from the factory.


Catch Mussels

Mussel season in Ahungalla is during November and December. There are certain rocks in the sea off the coast of Ahungalla where these shellfish cling to the rock. You can even engage in a round of harvesting mussels yourself which requires quite a lot of diving and holding your breath underwater for long periods. One of the best things about Ahungalla hotel deals is that you will find all these bonuses alongside your stay that you can make the most of.


Cricket or Volleyball

Volleyball happens to be Sri Lanka's national sport. But it's easy to make the mistake of assuming that it is cricket as almost every single Sri Lankan is obsessed with the sport. The fever is even higher in Galle and the south thanks to the Galle Cricket Stadium which is situated just adjacent to the iconic Galle Fort and has been a popular place for locals and tourists to come and catch a game.