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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 16, 2020
Headline for Honeymoon Packing List for the Maldives – Everything You Need for a Romantic Island Getaway
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Honeymoon Packing List for the Maldives – Everything You Need for a Romantic Island Getaway

The Maldives has become one of the most popular beach destinations to visit anywhere in the world. Its popularity has especially skyrocketed with honeymooners. So, if you're newlywed and planning to have a romantic escapade here in the Maldives, here's everything you need to bring with you.


For Swimmers

It goes without saying that you'll be spending a lot of the time in the water during your time in the Maldives, so be sure to pack your swimming gear! It's a good idea to pack at least two pairs of swimsuits each. This way, you can leave one out to dry while wearing the other. Of course, if that system of limbo seems like too much of a hassle you can always pack up a few extra pairs. Now, you might also be planning to go snorkelling or scuba diving while you're here. After all, most Maldives water bungalow resorts – such as the Heritance Aarah – will even point out these activities in their itinerary list. In that case, be sure to pack up a snorkelling kit. You can always rent the rest of the required equipment from your hotel or at a vendor.


Beach Essentials

Few things can beat relaxing at the beach in the company of your special someone. Maldives' coastline is lined with white sand and is often treated to a healthy dose of tropical sunlight – it truly is the quintessential image of a tropical paradise. All that being said, you'll want to make sure that you bring everything you need to stay comfortable mouth here on the beach. For starters, that means bringing a hat with you to keep your head shaded – sure, the tropical sun is great, but it can get really intense by midday. Similarly, a pair of sunglasses and some sunscreen can prove to be invaluable.


Capturing the Moment

You'll surely want to capture some of the intimate moments you'll be sharing with your partner during your honeymoon. So, be sure to pack up a camera with you before your flight. If you are planning to go snorkelling, be sure to bring an underwater camera with you as well. You'll need it to capture all the vibrant beauty found amidst the waves. Alternatively, you can bring a waterproof case for your phone, if you prefer to take photos with that.



The Maldives is a tropical island that gets a lot of sunlight each day. As such, bring the clothing that'll help you deal with this constant heat. Some t-shirts or tank tops along with short pants are recommended. Do keep in mind that you will have to dress more conservatively if you're planning to go around town and visit some of the historical locations.


A few Extras

Now, with all the mains stuff packed away, be sure to ask yourself if you're missing any key essentials or some extras that'll help make the trip easier. You'll obviously need your passport, visas, credit cards and booking passes. It's not a bad idea to pack up some toiletries as well, you never know when this stuff can come in handy.