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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 16, 2020
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Five Things Tourists Should Avoid Doing in Singapore

Although Singapore is a remarkable destination to visit at least once in your lifetime, you should ensure that you adhere to the strict rules and regulations of the country. The severe punishments should not be a problem if you know how to conduct yourself in Singapore! Here are the top ones to keep in mind!


Throwing litter everywhere but a bin

Singapore governs a strict policy on littering in public places. While this is something you should be well-acquainted, out of respect to a particular country, and most importantly, Mother Nature, committing this social faux pas can be rather costly in Singapore. The government has the right to impose hefty fines or subject you to week-long community service if you are ever caught trying to litter the clean streets of the country.



Well, vandalism of any sort can bring you some of the most brutal punishments of the world. The country regards its properties with high respect, and anyone caught offending them will be penalised rigorously. Several cases have been reported in the past where foreigners who were caught damaging public property being subjected to caning. And yes, those kinds of punishments still exist in highly established countries like Singapore, even in the 21st Century.


Smoking in Public

With regulations of smoking becoming more intensified during the past few years, it seems far better to avoid smoking at any cost during public places in Singapore. But strict as the country might be, Singapore also allows freedom to its citizens and travellers from the other countries. You can find designated areas for smoking scattered throughout the country. The first-time visitors will have to look for those spots which will usually be located far away from crowded places. Also, these places are outlined in yellow paint for easy identification.


Ignoring the Liquor Act

If you're travelling to Singapore for a fun-filled vacation, then having a drink or two would be part of your enthusiastic agenda. Although the Singaporean government doesn't necessarily ban you from having your fun, you should definitely be aware of its liquor act which prohibits anyone from drinking any kind of alcohol in public venues. Moreover, it holds a strict policy over retail outlets from selling liquor during off-hours. Going against these rules will guarantee heavy fines of up to $1000 or prison time. But there is no ban against consuming alcohol during all times of day from the confines of your hotel in Farrer Park for instance.


Assume the Natives don't Speak English

A regular misconception of the tourists who arrive in Singapore is that the natives are incapable of comprehending or speaking in English. Never make the mistake of miming what you need by overly emphasising your words. Especially while you're taking lodgings at properties such as Park Hotel Farrer Park, ensure that you keep away from committing this frowned-upon faux pas as it will give away the feeling that you underestimate the other person. You certainly wouldn't want to offend a native in this rule-governed country, would you?

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