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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 16, 2020
Headline for Exciting Water sports to Try-out in the Maldives – Be extra adventurous!
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Exciting Water sports to Try-out in the Maldives – Be extra adventurous!

The Maldives is indeed a great destination for a perfect escape from all the chaos in your lives. Yes, the destination is all about white sands, blessed sunlight and picturesque beaches, but amidst all these, the fun that this destination is ready to provide you is just so amazing!


Banana Boat Rides

While you spend a great family getaway at a resort the likes of Dhigali Maldives, this is something that you can try out. If some of your family members (especially the kids) are afraid of extreme adventure levels, but itching for some fun, this is the perfect ride. You just have to stay on the banana-shaped boat and swing on! As long as you are backed by the harnesses and life jackets, you have nothing to worry about.


Big Game Fishing

Fishing is so common in the Maldives, and everyone simply does it. But big game fishing is something 'big' just as the name suggests. You don't catch regular small fish, but instead, you catch some rare species the likes of Tuna, Sailfish. If you like to try this experience, you just have to tell your requirement to the hotel, and then they will arrange a tour for you (at an additional charge).


Scuba Diving

Needless to say, the Maldives is undoubtedly one of the best diving destinations in the whole world. Yes, scuba diving is really an already popular and hyped experience, but it's totally worth it. Top dive sites the likes of Banana Reef are ranked among the best Maldives attractions, and with beautiful corals and other marine creatures like fish and manta, you are always guaranteed with a great experience.


Jet skiing

Although this is an experience that you can really have in any other place as well, jet skiing in the Maldives will always remain to be special and exciting. Many honeymoon couples like to try this sport together, and kids also try this out with a guide in front normally. It's always about enjoying the speed and the swaying waters and you'll surely love a couple of minutes on a jet ski.



Kayaking is a fun experience, and they say it brings a lot of satisfaction and joy to the hearts as well. You just have to paddle the boat yourself while exploring the beauty of all the surroundings. The best time to kayak in the Maldivian waters is from April to October and even if you are on a honeymoon tour to the Maldives, the couple can hire one boat and have this peaceful experience.



To parasail is to fly in the air like a kite with your loved one. Basically, what happens here is you be in the air on a parachute which is tied to a motorboat that travels in the water. Yes, this may mean taking a risk, but what's wrong in taking a risk if you are rewarded with a memorable experience?