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Headline for Tempting dishes to try out in the Maldives – Let your taste buds enjoy a different taste
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Tempting dishes to try out in the Maldives – Let your taste buds enjoy a different taste

Whoever thought the Maldives is just about water adventures, luxury filled beach resorts, and relaxing under the sun, have to admit they are wrong because they have missed one of the integral experiences. The food! Maldivian dishes are just so awesome, and you will surely fall in love with them.



Although Garudhiya is a traditional dish in the Maldives, even at the restaurants of the popular tourist resorts the likes of Kandolhu Maldives, you find this dish being served to guests. They often like the simplicity of this dish as it's just a fragrant fish soup served along with lime, onions and rice.


Mas Huni

If you have been searching for a filling breakfast dish in the Maldives, here you go! Mas Huni means shredded smoked Tuna and this dish is often served with grated coconuts, lemon and onions. Many Maldives restaurants serve this dish with Roshi which is more like a chapatti bread we generally have.


Bis Keemiya

Those who love eating samosas or spring rolls will find a similar snack in the Maldives, but with a different name. They call it 'Bis Keemiya' and indeed is a great snack. The pastry is often filled with tuna (sometimes they use a hardboiled egg too) together with sliced onions and also cabbage. It's a must-try in the Maldives, as you don't find Bis Keemiya anywhere else in the world.


Fried Yams

You can't call fried yams a dish that you can try for lunch or dinner, but it makes a good snack for sure. Although it is hard to believe, the Maldives cultivates its own yams, and this is also the reason why the Maldivians try different yam dishes for their different meals. Fried Yams in the Maldives are very crunchy on the outside and moist when it comes to the inside. Do not forget the sauces when you try fried yams, and you are sure to ask for more.


Saagu Bondibai

Maldivian dishes are also about desserts. Sago (which is also known as sabudana by the locals) is a very commonly used ingredient in the Maldives, particularly because of its amazing ability to add a different taste to whatever the dish it gets added to. Saagu Bondibai is a pudding to which saagu is added, this dessert is what will suit you if you are a vegetarian.


Kulhi Boakibaa

Have you ever tried a fish cake in your entire life? If not, try Kulhi Boakibaa in the Maldives, which is commonly served in cafes. It's made of smoked tuna, scrapped coconut and ground rice.



It's another traditional dish in the Maldives. Mostly loved by the tourists for its spicy nature, rihaakuru is often enjoyed with roshi. Locals love to prepare this paste like dish for their breakfasts quite generally, but sometimes, gets served for lunch as well. If you plan to have it at a restaurant, the cost will range from 50-150 MVR.