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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 16, 2020
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5 reasons to get a smartphone for your tween – Keep your children closer

The smartphone has become a part and parcel of life today and we just can't let go of this rectangular piece of metal with a screen on it. As time passes by, there are more new models of smartphones being released in all sorts of brands to keep the market interested in the product. Since the world has taken a turn towards technology, the smartphone has now become a need rather than a want no matter the age! Here are a few reasons why a smartphone for your tween is essential.


Peace of mind

When it comes to middle school students anywhere in the world, kids of this age like to get to school on their own and opt to walk to the bus stop alone to hitch a ride. As the years go by, children seem to stay away from home during most of the day with various academic and extracurricular activities making its way into their lives. It's always reassuring to know that you will be able to contact your child to find out if he or she has reached their destination or to inform them of changes in pickups or anything else that's important. This will help ease your mind.


Comfort your child

It's not only you who will be at ease but your child as well. For instance, if there is a change in your child's schedule, emergency after-school classes or practices, for example, they will be able to keep you informed so that you don't worry. Kids will be at ease knowing that parents are just a phone call away for when they need them.


Communicating with peers

The ways of the world have changed to the extent where even play is now on digital format. When it comes to certain things, your child will need to contact a friend at some point. For instance, to get some assignment help or missed notes. Providing them with a smartphone will help with this. As a parent you can always keep track of who the kids are texting, nowadays, phones come equipped with apps that allow parental control over the functions of a kid's phone.


Teaches responsibility

Since the smartphone is a delicate item and quite expensive, the owner of the phone must be able to take care of it. Branded smartphones are available anywhere in the world, Apple in Sri Lanka, for instance. They can easily be purchased online via a site like, still, the kids need to know that they cannot haphazardly use it and break it. This is where they will begin to take care of their things rather than be careless and allow it to break.


Better family bonds

Providing your tween with a smartphone makes them feel happy to know that you are placing your trust in them. They will also be able to keep in touch with extended family. The kids will be at ease communicating with aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins too.

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