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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 15, 2020
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Top Delicious Dishes in Yangon – Burmese flavours on the streets

If you are visiting Myanmar, then as you already know its quite an adventurous place to explore. Apart from the many attractions in Myanmar, Yangon offers one the opportunity to discover the joys of local cuisine the local way! Here is a list of a few scrumptious dishes to try.


Shan Noodles

The first dish you should try out as soon as you set out to discover Burmese food is a dish of Shan Noodles. To bring this dish together, rice noodles are served with a yummy paste. The paste is made of chicken or pork cooked with tomato. The noodles are sometimes served with broth as well, but this would be a side dish. You get is as a sticky noodle salad as well. Aung Mingalar is a popular place for a lovely dish of Shan Noodles. The dish isn't expensive at all. It just costs 2000 kyat which is just $ 1.32.


Mont Lin Ma Yar

Interestingly, the name of this dish translates to "husband and wife" and is yet another authentic snack that must be tried when in Yangon. The snack includes quail eggs served with chickpeas and spring onions seasoned with pepper and turmeric. Most people compare the taste to MC Muffins as word has it going around. The street markets are the best place to find this tiny snack. You can't miss as the scent is sure to draw you in any way. Hawker stalls usually huge pan out by the road with some moulds. The eggs are cooked in these moulds, the sight of it is sure to make your mouth water!


Samosa Salad

This Burmese street food staple is best enjoyed during midday, sitting on one of those plastic chairs in a small eatery in the corner of the street. Freshly made samosas are cut into strips and then mixed in with cabbage, tomato, potatoes and fried chickpeas. The broth is then poured into the mixture to bind the flavours together! You couldn't ask for a better snack when you need some energy to continue exploring in Yangon.


Burmese Tea

Although this is not something edible, it's still a drink you ought to try when in Yangon. There are many teahouses here, so take your pick and then order your tea. Snacks will be served with your tea as well. Burmese tea is mostly black tea mixed in with condensed milk. It might be a bit of a sugar overload but is tasty. Make sure to visit the tea house a few days in a row as the snacks keep changing. The food costs only a few cents and you only pay for what you eat.


Dosa Sandwich

This is more like a thin savoury crepe, into this crepe chickpeas, spring onions, sprouts, turmeric and sweet and sour sauce is spooned into the middle and a wrap is made. The flavours are fantastic! If you want to explore Burmese food further, opt for fine dining at a hotel in Yangon. Popular hotels like PARKROYAL Yangon offer some of the best local delights on the menu.