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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 15, 2020
Headline for 5 Items for the Ultimate Packing List for a Kite Safari in Kalpitiya – Race Across the Surf in Style
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5 Items for the Ultimate Packing List for a Kite Safari in Kalpitiya – Race Across the Surf in Style

So, you're all set to go kite surfing in the waters of Sri Lanka, off the coast of Kalpitiya. Your visa is ready, your accommodations are sorted and your itinerary is set. All that's left is to pack – but pack what exactly? Here are 5 essentials you should pack before embarking on your kite safari.


Your Backpack

To start things off, you'll need to figure out what backpack you want to bring with you. Now, the assumption here is that since you're planning on kiting, you will be bringing your kiting gear with you. Well, in that case, you'll need something to store all of that expensive equipment in. Therefore, it's a good idea to bring a quality quiver or board bag with you to Sri Lanka. Technically, you can get a rental once you're here too. This is something to consider if kite sailing is only part of your itinerary here. Otherwise, bringing your own bags is much more cost-effective.


Kite Gear

Obviously, you'll need kite gear to go on a kite safari. To reiterate, you'll first want to decide whether you actually want to bring your own gear or just settle for a rental. Ideally, if you're coming to Sri Lanka specifically to kitesurf, it's better to pack up your own gear. Not only will it be a hassle to find all the pieces of gear that work best for you, it can be quite expensive as well. Of course, most airlines have weight limits you'll need to adhere to, so you might have to leave a kite or two behind. When you're packing your kiteboard, be sure to dismount it in order to save space and to avoid damage to other gear. Kalpitiya kitesurf excursions are quite a popular pastime, you'll find that most resorts here – such as the Dolphin Beach Resort – even mention it in their itinerary list. What this means is that you'll most likely find vendors for basic kite tools and repairs – so you don't have to worry too much.



The tropical sun that shines above Sri Lanka can be quite warm and makes for a pleasant climate and atmosphere – most of the time. At the beach and sea specifically, the sun can get quite harsh and can even leave you with some nasty sunburns. As such, be sure to pack up some sunscreen for your trip.


Staying Waterproof

As you sail across the water, you will undoubtedly feel the need to capture a snapshot to try and preserve all that excitement. You might even want to record yourself zipping atop the waves and riding with the wind. So, be sure to pack up a waterproof camera that will allow you to capture all your merriment and trick shots. If you prefer to simply use your phone, you can grab a waterproof phone case instead.



Sri Lanka is warm and humid on most days, so remember to pack your wardrobe appropriately. Generally speaking, you'll want to bring a few t-shirts or tank tops and short with you, along with a bikini or broad shorts for the beach itself. Bring some long pants or skirts if you plan on visiting some of the nearby cultural sites during your visit, however.

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