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ePic Character Generator




Short intro:
ePic Character Generator lets you create realistic character images you can use as assets for your games, illustrations for your stories, or avatars for your role-playing sessions.
Long intro:
ePic Character Generator is an excellent tool for anyone who wants to create realistic character avatars in no time. You can simply choose what items to display on your character, save as an image on a preset or transparent background and use it for anything you would like to. You don't have to worry about lighting or finding the right camera angles, as everything has been prerendered and post worked for you, so creating characters is really just a matter of clicking some buttons!
Users & target audience:
The software is mainly used by role-players and game developers to illustrate their player and non-player characters, but don't have the resources to create or buy many unique characters that fit their needs. The option to save the images as tokens and cards simultaneously even reduces the work needed to use the pictures in a session moments after they've been created. The characters can be saved and loaded using a custom file format, which enables an easy way to manage character progression, as changing little details are quick and convenient.
Available character types:
The software is designed to satisfy various needs when it comes to realistic character creation. The available packages are divided into seasons.
The software launched with Season #1 and later expanded the selection of characters in this domain in the first year. Human, Elf, Dwarf, Anthro Cat and Ork characters are available in Season #1, both in Modern and Fantasy settings.
With Season #2, the focus was shifted to provide mixable characters to be able to extend the variance of characters even further. To do this, a single base shape was created for each character type and various wardrobe options were added to each of them. Using the available packages Drow, Elf, Fae, Sorcerer, Archer, Warrior, Barbarian, Adventurer, Pirate, Supernatural, Superhero, Sci-fi, Post-apocalyptic and Modern-day characters can be easily created. To allow unlimited customization, each of the differently themed packages can be combined on a single character to create unique avatars.
In Season #3, different art styles and themes can be found, created in collaboration with external artists. By using the Portrait packs hand-drawn styled characters can be easily created. The Comic Monster pack focuses on capturing the essence of creating beast characters which could be featured in any kind of comics, while the Throne Lady packs takes the art into a much darker and more deep style to make users looking for these kinds of pleasures also satisfied.

Feature overview:
The software comes readily available either on a Windows or Android device. One can start designing their characters on a desktop machine, and later continue editing it on a phone while on the go. To allow this the software uses the same backend server for all versions, which means that anyone can access their collection regardless of what platform they are using.
A custom file format was developed which can be used to Save characters and later Load them back to continue editing. This way the software can be used even for longer role-playing sessions, where representing character progression is necessary.
The characters can be exported as PNG images with or without a background for easy usage, but exporting to layered PSD images is also supported. This way, each layer can be post-worked separately, to create a truly unique look or feel to any of the items.
For those, who can’t decide where to start editing, a handy Random button was developed. By a press of a button, a character with random items and properties will be generated, and then can be used to continue editing instead of starting from scratch.character generator
Having a wide range of options for the characters is a good start, but being able to further customize them to give them a personal touch and create truly unique avatars are essential. Using the Coloring tool most of the items can be further colored to divert from the default look and get the perfect match. Even specific RGB codes can be entered to get the perfect shade for the items or use the recently used options to quickly change multiple layers to the same color.
Similarly, to coloring, some layers can be moved around, like companions and background items. Even the character can be moved, so it can easily be placed at different positions in the scene.
There’s even a nifty Undo button to revert the last few steps and the characters can also be Reset by a click of a button to start from scratch again.
There are tons of beautifully rendered backgrounds to choose from, but exporting on a transparent background is also supported. This way, even multiple characters can be composed on a single scene, or any details can be changed in post-work.
Supported worlds:
Thanks to the wide range of characters already available in an ever-growing library of good quality packs most of the popular tabletop role-playing games can be represented by characters created by ePic Character Generator, such as Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Blades in the Dark, Warhammer or other Superhero games. When it comes down to representing avatars in a game, anyone can rely on ePic Character Generator to get the job done. There’s also an active community in the Forums where the developers are always looking to get feedback and suggestions on what to add to their coming packs!

Commercial license is included:
The generated images can be used in commercial products as well. There are various card games, board games, and books on the market illustrated with the images created by ePic Character Generator.