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Updated by Joanna James on Jul 13, 2023
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Reasons Why You Should Choose Sri Lanka as Your Next Travel Destination – 8 Reasons

Sri Lanka is one of the most versatile and beautiful countries in the world. There is so much to do and so much to see and thanks to rich biodiversity, you can drive for a couple of hours and find yourself in a completely different ecosystem. Here are 8 reasons you should visit Sri Lanka.


To Get Wild

You can go all around the country whale watching throughout the year, visiting wildlife parks where you are bound to come face to face with leopards, elephants, sloth bears and various kinds of deer and thousands of types of bird from endemic to migratory.


For Cricket in Galle

Galle is not just an arty city that is home to one of the best-preserved colonial forts in the country that is a rich bed of cultures and ethnicities. Spending a day exploring the fort and talking to the locals is a great way to experience Galle. But there is also another way, watch a cricket match at the edge of the Dutch colonial fort.


Get Lost in Caves

Dambulla is home to caves that tell the story of how religious art developed in the ancient kingdoms as each cave was done up in a different era. It's like walking through time.


See Elephants Responsibly

If you want to see elephants, they are all over the country, but the most ethical way is to volunteer at an elephant sanctuary. There is plenty of information online on how you can go about these. Otherwise, you can always go on a wildlife safari.


Hopper Magic

You can have hoppers in the streets or a Colombo city hotel and both will taste equally delicious. Hoppers are made of a crepe-like batter of coconut milk and spices cooked into a crispy bowl-shape that will also contain an egg if you'd like one.


Tea and a Hike

You haven't seen Sri Lanka if you don't have a cup of Ceylon tea. The best places to have a fresh cup of tea will be up in the central highlands and maybe a walk through the tea estates afterwards.


Beautiful Hotels

Sri Lanka is known throughout the world for its unique and luxurious hotels that are both architectural and aesthetic dreams. One of the good examples is the Mandarina Colombo Hotel that is located in the capital, Colombo. Wherever you go in Sri Lanka, you can stay in unique hotels manned by some of the friendliest and nicest staff in the world. Sri Lankans take hospitality very seriously.


Surf Party

Sri Lankan beaches aren't just there for the sheer beauty. Some are great for surfing. Particularly, Arugam Bay is famous even among international surfers. If you don't want to wrestle with the crowds in Arugam Bay there are plenty of other beaches all over Sri Lanka's south and east coasts that have some choice waves for all levels of surfers.