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Top Dos and Don'ts on a Maldives Holiday – Enjoying the Most of a Tropical Paradise

The best way to truly enjoy a holiday in a foreign destination is to have an idea of what to expect including the dos and don'ts. This is true in the Maldives which is popular amongst tourists while having strict laws and regulations. Here are some tips to help you better prepare for your getaway!


Do Be A Responsible Tourist

As a responsible tourist, you do need to keep in mind to conserve the local environment especially when it comes to marine life. Chances are you will try some snorkelling in Maldives and encounter both coral and fish species. Make sure you do not disturb or touch them and just enjoy the sight alone. Additionally, when purchasing souvenirs ensure you are buying products that are not part of illegal trade; this includes souvenirs made from shells of sea turtles or coral.


Do Dress Modestly on Local Islands

Do keep in mind that the Maldives is a Muslim nation with Islam being the state religion. It follows strict rules including what is deemed appropriate attire in public. Wearing revealing clothing is not allowed on local islands while bikinis and topless sunbathing are prohibited. However, this rule about swimwear (including bikinis) and short attire does not apply to private island resorts. In Maldives, places to visit outside the resort include the capital, Male, and other local islands so do remember to dress conservatively and cover bare shoulders and legs on such excursions.


Do Experience the Water Sports

No trip is complete without experiencing the diverse water sports in Maldives. Islands resorts the likes of Adaaran Club Rannalhi offer a wide range of such activities that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Snorkelling and diving are perennial favourites worth trying and so too are relatively newer water sports like flyboarding. Depending on the level of thrills you desire you can also look forward to stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking, catamaran sailing, windsurfing, jet skiing and more!


Don't Bring Banned Items

Don't bring any items that are banned by the country; remember, customs will be checking and taking away such items and in some instances, issuing a fine too. Amongst the items you are not allowed to bring in are pork (or related products), religious materials to be used for distribution and any form of alcohol. Also, keep in mind that alcohol is not served on local islands. While those who had planned to have their favourite cocktails while on holiday may be disheartened, do not worry; such alcoholic beverages are permitted on private island resorts in Maldives!


Don't Engage in PDA on Local Islands

As stated before, as a Muslim country, the Maldives has strict local laws and customs and these pertain to not only how you dress, but how you behave in public too. Public displays of affection (or PDA) are frowned upon and it would be offensive to engage in such behaviour on local islands. This includes acts such as kissing and even holding hands when visiting islands inhabited by the general public. However, as also mentioned before, the rules are relaxed on private islands resorts where you can enjoy showing affection to that special someone.