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Guides and Resources to Aesthetic & Skin Procedures

Researching on how to get rid that annoying eye bags and dark eye circle? Or trying to to find a solution for your hair thinning problem?
Or are born with a mono-lid and wish to one day get that deep fold on your eyelid!
Here's a compiled the list of guides and resources about aesthetic & skin procedure just for you!


Guide to anti-ageing treatments? Do they really exist? Here's the spill – After Clinic Hours

In today’s society, we often aspire to have smooth, glowing skin with the lifted features of our youth. Yes, even way into our 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond.

Bye-bye baggage: How to cure dark eye circles and eye bags for good – After Clinic Hours

Going to bed in the wee hours at night and then groggily complaining about how we’re perpetually sleep-deprived all the time to our co-workers the next morning (it’s cool to be too busy to sleep, haven’t you heard?) is the norm nowadays.

Cost of double eyelid surgery in Singapore – After Clinic Hours

Double eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in Singapore. You may marvel over how a tiny crease at the eyelids can make a huge difference in someone’s looks. It is said that double eyelids provide the eyes with a beautiful framing that makes the eyes appear more attractive and attentive at the same time.

Dreaming about double eyelids? Here's the latest guide on double eyelid surgery in Singapore! – After Clinic Hours

Yearning to own a pair of gorgeous, deep-seated double eyelids? Learn more about the available options, to achieve that dream of yours!

Crow's feet in Singapore: four treatments to help you banish it – After Clinic Hours

Your eyes may be the window to your soul, but beware: they’ll also speak volumes about your age – and how late you went to bed last night. Commonly considered as the very first sign of ageing to appear on your face, crow’s feet are eye wrinkles that start at the outer corners of your eyes and radiate outwards, like the feet of a crow.  

Is it impossible to get rid of my dark eye circles and eye bags? The honest truth. – After Clinic Hours

Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up dewy and bright-eyed in the mornings, instead of sullen, puffy and panda-eyed? We’ve all been there before: finishing yet another episode on Netflix, late night Instagram-scrolling, indulging in a glass of red (or two); it’s no wonder most of us walk around sporting dark eye circles and three-dimensional eye bags.

Hair transplants in Singapore: do they really work? – After Clinic Hours

Hair transplant is a surgery that involves the doctor moving hair you already have (such as the back of your head) to fill areas of your scalp suffering from hair loss (typically at your frontal hairlines).

No more droopy eyelids - Ptosis surgery in Singapore – After Clinic Hours

If you find that your eyelids are drooping down to give you sleepy-looking eyes, you may be suffering from a medical condition called blepharoptosis. Also known as ptosis (pronounced “toe-sis”) in short. It simply means drooping eyelid and is usually an isolated condition that only affects your appearance without impacting your health and well-being.

Guide to nose job (Rhinoplasty) in Singapore: what it takes, costs, recovery – After Clinic Hours

Going for a nose job – also known as rhinoplasty – in Singapore is getting more commonplace than ever. Many of us Asian women always complain we have flatter nose bridges and wider nostrils compared to our Caucasian girl friends.Why can’t I have a sharper nose bridge? If only my nose is just a bit higher and more defined…

A must-read for every Singaporean male: 10 things you should know about hair loss. – After Clinic Hours

A hair-raising fact: approximately 1 in 2 men will experience some form of balding in their lifetime. [1] This is largely due to genetic reasons and the funny thing is, hair loss in men follows a known pattern. That is also why androgenetic alopecia – or genetic hair loss – is also termed as male pattern hair loss.

Breast augmentation guide in Singapore: On getting the bust you want – After Clinic Hours

Many ladies aren’t happy with their natural cup size or their lack of cleavage. Be it breasts that resemble a flat “runway” or a lack of cleavage when wearing low cut tops, many women often wish they could have larger or fuller boobs – and that’s where breast augmentation surgery comes in.