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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 14, 2020
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Top Guide on Packing for Your Trip to Bali – To Take or Not to Take!

As the summer holidays arrive and you are slowly coming out lockdown and quarantine, the best thing for you right now will be a bit of sunshine in Bali. If you are wondering what to bring with you when you go off on your tropical adventure, we have you covered with this packing guide.


Travel Documents

Since you are heading to Bali, make sure that you read up on the immigration and emigration laws in Indonesia to prepare for your trip. You should have with you, your visa, passports, photographs for identification, health and insurance certificates, numbers, any immediate or emergency contact numbers for your embassy both in Bali and back home. If you are bringing money make sure that the purse you are putting all your cards and cash in is a secure one that can be locked and kept on your person all the time. Frequent flyer miles and other such details required by the airport should be kept somewhere that you can reach for them without worry.



The beautiful Seminyak beachfront resorts come with unlimited space for your luggage and bags, but remember that until you get to the hotel, you'll have to be lugging your luggage around. So, consider the kind of luggage you are planning to take with you. This may depend on the sort of trip you are going for, the kind of activities you hope to do while you are there, whether you will be returning to the same hotel, like Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach, each night or if you'll be staying elsewhere as well as the number of days you plan to spend in Bali.


Essential Clothing

Essential clothing would mean the usual clothes you are hoping to wear in Bali. So bring your favourite sundresses, bikinis and shorts but also don't forget to pack an outfit for rainy days, a jumper in case it gets cold as well as a formal outfit with dress shoes in case you find that you'll be attending a romantic or official dinner. Don't forget sunscreen and your sunglasses as well as a hat. Keep those close where you can reach for them without having to root around in your luggage.



Keep a separate bag for your tech pieces and make sure that the bag is waterproof. Your devices could include your phone and chargers, maybe an extra battery as a precaution, a laptop, an e-reader, headphones and camera, converters and chargers for all these items. The bag you put them in should also be a secure one that you can lock and also be able to store in a way that does not cause any damage to your electronics.


Keep Things Organised

Apart from your suitcase and your carry on, it's better if you could keep everything organised by packing them into cubes of dividing them carefully into sections of your luggage so you will always know where a certain item is. This ensures that you will not misplace anything and would make it very easy for you to unpack and pack when travelling from place to place.

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