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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 14, 2020
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5 Street Markets to Visit in Hong Kong - A Shopaholic’s Dreamscape

While malls have always remained popular, street markets have their own inimitable charm and atmosphere. This is definitely the case with Hong Kong where street markets offer tourists a unique shopping experience – here are 5 of the best street markets Hong Kong has to offer.


Temple Street

As night falls, the unassuming Temple Street is transformed from a quiet corner street to a bustling hub that's alive with lights and sound. You'll see an array of tents be hoisted up; goods laid out on fold-up tables as vendors begin to set up shop. Truly, the Temple Street Night Market at full swing is a sight to behold and is one of the best shopping experiences you could hope for in Hong Kong. Here you'll be able to peruse and purchase all manner of items, from electronics and kitchen utensils to fine fabrics and ornate jewellery. Just beyond the edge of Temple Street, you'll also find a number of fantastic restaurants that will help you deal with the appetite you're bound to work up while here. Temple Street Night Market is really easy to access as well, particularly if you're staying at one of the budget hotels in Wan Chai. Establishments like the Cosmo Hotel Hong Kong are only a few minutes' drive away from the market's location.


The Bird and Fish Markets

The Yuen Po Street Bird Garden and the Hong Kong Fish Market are two unique street markets that you'll find in walking distance from each other. Both of these are live markets which sell live animals – either birds in cages or fish in water-filled plastic bags. The Bird Garden is part market and part pet hangout location. On the one side, you'll find dozens of vendors all showcasing a vibrant collection of pet birds – from common chickens to clever parakeets. On the other side, you'll find people who already own birds relaxing and interacting with their feathery companions. You'll find the Fish Market just a couple of blocks away from the garden. There's no chance of you missing it on account of it essentially being an entire street that's lined up with live fish for sale. While some shops will have standard tanks and aquariums, you'll also find plenty of live fish stuck in water-filled baggies that dangle from some storefront.


Reclamation Street

Unlike the other markets mentioned here, the one of Reclamation Street operates primarily during the day. A big hit among the Hong Kong locals, this the place you want to be if you're looking for fresh produce. Being less crowded than most markets, it's also a surprisingly relaxing place to visit and it actually be quite a zen experience just to observe people milling about the stalls as they decide on what to buy.


Ladies Market

Ladies Market bears a lot of similarities with the one found on Temple Street. However, if you're on the lookout for fashion accessories, fabrics, clothing and jewellery, you'll find a better collection here by far. The market does not technically have any set hours but it is a night market. You'll find most vendors setting up shop by around 4 pm.


Cat Street

If you're strolling through the streets of Hong Kong on the lookout for a souvenir or trinket to remember all the good times you've had here, be sure to stop by Cat Street. Being a market that directly targets tourists, you'll find all sorts of authentic Hong Kong memorabilia here.

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