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Cheap Web Hosting, Wordpress, Cloud Hosting, VPS, SEO & More

ByteNAP | Cheap Web Hosting In India | VPS & Dedicated Servers

Unlimited, Reliable and cheap web hosting service provider in India. ByteNAP offers VPS hosting, Reseller Hosting, dedicated servers at low-costs. Buy Now!

10 G Suite tips to save your time | G Suite Tips & Tricks

Top 10 G Suite Tips & Tricks, How we can increase productivity and save time with simple shortcuts while using Google’s G Suite services. Best G Suite tips.

A quick guide to Install Varnish on cPanel | Varnish Cache

Install Varnish on cPanel server. This quick guide for users that want to easily install Varnish on cPanel to improve website speed & conversion rate.

Best Ways To Secure Your VPS, Windows & Linux VPS Server

If you are owning a VPS server or planning to buy one, then this article 'Best Ways To Secure Your VPS, Windows & Linux VPS Server' for you.

What is HTTP error, The most common HTTP error found in a Website

What an HTTP error is? The most common HTTP Error Messages & Status Codes found in a Website. Discuss the five common HTTP errors in WordPress Site.

Simple Tutorial to create 301 redirect WordPress (Using plugin and .htaccess)

Tutorial on how to create 301 redirects in WordPress with the use of .htaccess that will help in keeping your website's SEO intact.

Is Cloud Hosting ideal for startups? | ByteNAP Blog

In this post you will Know is cloud hosting ideal for startups.The post gives knowledge about cloud hosting and its advantages.

The Ultimate Guide To Starting Reseller Web Hosting Business | ByteNAP

How to start a reseller web hosting business. Learn everything with a step-by-step ultimate guide to start your own successful hosting business.

Converting the WordPress website to HTML | Tools & Guide | ByteNAP

There are multiple ways to Convert the WordPress website to HTML but we will look in to few tools that will help in converting to static site.

Best Web Caching Solution for your website | ByteNAP Blog

A guide to Choose the Best Web Caching Solution for Your Website.Even in the smallest business caching can be used to your advantage.

.ONLINE Domain Extension Why It Is Perfect For Your Online Business?

Why .ONLINE domain extension? Best Suitalbe for all type of businesses, blogger, SEO & More. It is unique alternative to traditional options.

How to Fix Failed To Load Resource Error In WordPress | Bytenap

The best way to fix failed to load resource error in WordPress. Solution for WordPress failed to Load error with different error code. Quick & Easy fix!

CentOS vs Ubuntu | Which One Is Best For Your Web Server | Bytenap

What is the difference between CentOS vs Ubuntu? Which is the best for your business? Everything you need to know about CentOS and Ubuntu. Pros & Cons!

Managed vs Unmanaged VPS Hosting | What Is The Right Choise?

What is the difference between managed vs unmanaged VPS hosting? Which is the best for your business website? Everything you need to know about VPS Hosting.

Simpler Your Website Management Using cPanel | 5 Simple cPanel Tips

Top 5 cPanel tips to simplify your Website Management Using cPanel, Best reason to use cPanel with your website. Organize web resources, performance more.

Server For Web Hosting: How To Choose Hosting For Online Business

How to choose hosting for you business from different types of servers, Best tips to chose best server for web hosting to increase loading speed and profit.

Cloudflare CDN: How to Enable CDN On Your Website | Bytenap

Content Delivery Network will boost your website loading time to the next level. This guide will learn you how to enable Cloudflare CDN on your website.

Slow Websites To Be labeled And Identify By Google Chrome browser

No one wants slow loading websites. Google now looking forward to identifying a slow website. Google Chrome wants to offer high-quality user experience.

8 Best Practices For Improving Website Uptime | ByteNAP Blog

This guide will help you to improving website uptime. It will ensure a great user experince for your website visitor & improve performance, speed, sales.

Best 5 Free Email Alternatives To Microsoft Outlook | ByteNAP Blog

Looking for top free email alternatives to microsoft outlook? This is the best 5 email alternatives for Microsoft Outlook. Choose the one you like!

How To Compress Website Content Using cPanel | ByteNAP Blog

Best way to compress website content using cPanel. Compression using cPanel, allow you to reduce the file size of the domain. Boost Performance and SEO rank

A Faster Website With SSD VPS Hosting | Increase Loading Time

SSD VPS Hosting is one of the best ways to load your website faster and increase website performance. Top Guide and Reason to buy SSD hosting.

How to Increase Wordpress Maximum Upload File Size | ByteNAP Blog

How to resolve “File exceeds the maximum upload size for this site error. Here is the exact solution. 7 ways to increase file size limit in wordpress.