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Updated by April Rose Casiple Semogan on Jun 11, 2020
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Things You Are Allowed To Do During Lockdown In NSW

The COVID-19 pandemic has influenced our everyday lives and our usual ways are no longer considered normal. A lot has changed since it began and until now, we are still adapting to the “new normal” as people call it. During the lockdown period, there are things that you can and you can’t do, especially in New South Wales, Australia. The laws vary from every state and there are things that are allowed in this state while prohibited in some states. To shed a light on this matter, here’s a list of things you are allowed to do during the lockdown in NSW.

Eat In Public

Cafes, bistros, and restaurants are now open to the public. Thus, you can now eat at your favourite restaurant. However, the law states that there is only a maximum of 50 persons inside with a space of four square metres per person. In addition, there are 10 persons allowed per booking and can only order alcoholic beverages along with food purchases. As you dine in, you will be required to write your name contact details, including a phone number or email address, to allow for contact tracing.

Travel On Holiday Within State

Yes, you are allowed to travel within the state. In terms of distance, there’’s no limit on how far you can travel within the state. If you plan to travel with your family, the maximum number of people allowed to stay in a holiday home or rental is more than 10. On the other hand, individually, 10 people are allowed to stay in a holiday home or rental. Plus, caravan parks and camping grounds are now open.

Leave The State For The Holiday

Starting June 1, residents are allowed to leave the state and NSW is open to visitors without the need to quarantine them. However, residents travelling to Queensland are prohibited unless you have applied for and been granted an exemption.

Attend Weddings

If you are planning to attend a wedding, then you can go. Just keep in mind that the maximum number of people allowed to attend is 20. In addition, you must provide your name and contact details for contact tracing, if necessary.

Go To Church

Religious gatherings and places of worship are now allowed as long as limitations are observed. The four square metres physical distancing rule must be strictly implemented and a maximum of 50 people are allowed.

Go To School

Last May 25, all students were allowed to go back to school. As students return full-time to their classrooms, they are not required to follow strict adult physical distancing guidelines. However, they are urged to strictly follow good hygiene practices like regularly washing hands, avoiding sharing drinks or food and coughing or sneezing into your elbow, or a tissue which should be discarded immediately.

Shopping For Basic Necessities and Non-Essential Items

In NSW, people are allowed to shop for basic necessities and non-essential items. Just because there’s a pandemic you’re no longer allowed to get your hands on other items. Establishments are required to keep a record of names and contact details of customers for contact tracing. If you are unable to get to your nearest store, you can also shop online or ask a friend or family member for help.

Avail Beauty Services

You can now go to the salons, barbershops and beauty services establishments. Though it is strictly prohibited to have personal contact with other customers and hairdressers or barbers. Four square metres per person within the premises is the standard rule to be followed. Nail, waxing, tanning, and beauty salons can open to 10 customers at a time.

Go To Entertainment Venues

Cinemas, libraries and museums are now open. These entertainment venues are allowed to operate as long as they have COVID-19 safety measures implemented and strictly adhere to the four square metres distance per person. Groups and tours aren’t allowed to run, though.

Hit Indoor Gyms For Exercise

Starting June 13, gyms, fitness centres and studios will be allowed to open for up to 10 people per class. A maximum of 100 people is allowed to enter the venue while a restricted number of people will be implemented in indoor pools and saunas.

Police Powers During Lockdown

The authorities remind everyone the abide by the law. In any event, you fail to follow the new rules, enforcement will be left up to the discretion of police officers. Physical-distancing fines issued in the state of NSW are reviewed by the police commissioner. Remember, each state has its own set of rules and expressed different approaches.