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21st Century Learners, 3rd - 5th Grade

Lesson plans that help teach the skills needed in the 21st Century - critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication, technology/media literacy, and leadership.

Digital Citizenship Curriculum | Common Sense Education

Skills: Technology/Media Literacy

Lesson: Common Sense Education has digital citizenship lessons that will help teach our students the skills necessary to be technology and media literate. Engage students with learning games and navigate tough topics, including cyberbullying, online safety, privacy, and media literacy.

Blogging in the Primary Grades? Yes, Indeed! - ReadWriteThink

Skills: Communication

Lesson: Students will create their own blogs to become effective communicators. Give students an authentic reason to read and write by researching blogs written by their peers around the world and then writing their own.

50 Mini-Lessons For Teaching Students Research Skills

Skills: Critical Thinking, Communication, Creativity and Technology/Media Literacy.

Lesson: This site has 50 mini lessons on how to teach research skills. When students complete research projects they learn multiple 21st Century Skills. Research projects can be applied to any standard.

Marshmallow Challenge Instructions.pdf

Skills: Leadership, collaboration

Lesson: Students will work in groups to make a tower our of spaghetti that can hold a marshmallow. Discussion on what makes a great team and leader wraps up the lesson.

Transformative Teachers | PBS LearningMedia

Skills: Leadership

Lesson: This collection of lesson from the Transformative Teachers Collection is designed to equip educators with tools and methods for fostering resilience and ethical leadership skills among young people. As you develop and adapt the methods shown in the videos, you may want to team up with a group of teachers across a range of subject areas, as well as guidance counselors and health educators. These lessons teach the skills necessary (empathy, forgiveness, gratitude, and self acceptance) to be a good leader.

Digital Citizenship 4-Month Unit | BrainPOP Educators

Skills: Technology/Media Literacy

Lesson: This is a four-month long Digital Citizenship unit covers the following 8 BrainPOP topics (2 per month) from the Digital Citizenship collection. You can do all the lessons or pick and choose. Topics covered include: digital etiquette, internet search, online safety, online sources, information privacy, copyright, cyberbullying and plagiarism.

Skills: Communication

Lesson: These lessons and activities will encourage students to develop their literacy skills by writing a letter.

Skills: Communication

Lesson: Students will be able to communicate effectively with a partner. This lesson has students working in partners to design a structure that balances.

Problem Solving and Cooperation | Lesson plan |

Skills: Collaboration

Lesson: In this lesson, students will discuss cooperation and practice using cooperative techniques in human knot and tower-building activities.

Book Trailers

Skills: Communication, Creativity

Lesson: In this lesson, students will explore character, plot, and theme and learn to write persuasively as they develop a movie-style trailer for a book they have read. Students will need to be able to communicate effectively about their book and flex their creativity in their movie trailer.

Desert Island Survival - Powered by IEEE

Skills: Critical Thinking, Collaboration

Lesson: Students will learn about the Engineering Design Process and design a prototype of a hut able to withstand strong winds on a deserted island. Students will create a plan, design a prototype and work in teams.

Lesson | Communication Lesson Plan | Drawing Lesson Improves Communication Skills | Education World

Skill: Communication

Lesson: This simple, fun partner activity develops students' communication skills by having to give directions to a partner to recreate a simple drawing.

Investigate the Plastic Problem: PBS Learning Media

Skills: Creativity

Lesson: This particular lesson is part of a larger series on Investigating the Plastic Problem. In this lesson, students create infographics on how we use single use plastics and how they impact the environment. The entire unit takes students through the engineering design progress where they learn about the environment impact of plastic, communicate what they have found and then brainstorm and design prototypes to solve the problem. This entire unit touches on all of the skills that students need in the 21st century.