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Employee Management

Identify the reasons that are impacting or blocking your team and that helps you take action immediately with ProFlow. ProFlow Software will let you resolve issues and empower your team. Launching Soon!


The Secrets to Building High Performing Teams

Building high performing teams in every organisation is essential if breakout success is what you’re looking for. Managing high performing teams is essential to deliver quality results across all types of groups and business units. Read more!

Best Online Employee Management Software

Are you a people manager? Manage your employees easily and empower them with Proflow - Online Employee Management Software launching soon. Enhance problem solving, feedback, employee accountability, and much more. Join the waitlist!

5 Secrets to Building High Performance Teams

Building a high performing team requires careful and considered team leadership. Your choices and actions as a leader are critical for the success of your team. Check out some quick tips to create the next stand out group of high performers.

Essential Guide to Giving Employee Feedback

As a new manager, you might be overwhelmed by the new tasks that you have in front of you. You might even dread providing feedback, which is not uncommon among new managers. Here are some tips to get you on the right track. 

Need of Employee Management Systems

Employee management is an ability that you increase over long stretches of understanding. Without a decent group set up, your business will be going no place. Have a look at the employee management tips that can help you in organizing your business!

Leadership Lessons from the Trillion Dollar Coach

Bill Campbell, also known as the ‘Trillion-Dollar Coach’, shares timeless leadership lessons and principles still relevant to the best leaders of today. In this blog, we have summarised five key leadership lessons from his book, “Trillion Dollar Coach”.

Five Leadership Lessons from the Trillion Dollar Coach

Bill Campbell’s Trillion Dollar Coach contains timeless leadership lessons and principles that continue shape the thinking of some of the best leaders of today. Discover the five leadership lessons offered by the Trillion Dollar Coach!

Extreme Ownership Lessons For Managers To Lead And Win

Whether you're managing a team or are an individual, applying the key principles of military leadership can revolutionise the way you manage or perform within a company. Check out the key lessons obtained from the “Extreme Ownership” book here!

About ProFlow - Tool for People Managers

At ProFlow, our mission is to help people managers build better teams where people can thrive. Discover more about ProFlow and how it works!

Key Takeaways from High Output Management by Andy Grove

High Output Management by Andy Grove, has been regarded as the bible of entrepreneurship and management. Here are some of his key lessons!

The Ultimate Guide to Employee Feedback

Feedback is advantageous to all parties as everyone is given the chance to become better at the things that they do. Employee feedback improves employee experience while developing a better culture in the workplace.