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Romantic Languages To Learn Today!

This is a list of the romantic languages you could learn. The romantic language family belongs to the broader indo-european group of languages. You can find romantic languages all over the world but they are mainly used in Europe, Africa and Central and South America.





At one point French was the spoken language of the world, that is where the term lingua franca comes from.

Textbooks are a great way to help your work through the grammar and vocab needed to learn French.

Graded readers are used to introduce you to reading in French at a level that is appropriate to you.

The DEFL and DAFL are French language exams that you can take to demonstrate your proficiency.




Italian is spoken in Italy, Switzerland, San Marino and the Vatican City. Like all romantic languages it originally comes from Latin.

An Italian textbook is one of the most helpful ways to boost your Italian grammar knowledge and so much more

Italian graded readers are a way to ease into reading in a foreign language.




The second most spoken language in the world.

It's not only adults who are learning foreign languages but their children at all. All across English speaking countries adults want their children to learn another language and one of the most popular to learn is Spanish.

The DELE is the main Spanish language exam and you can take it to show your level in Spanish.




Catalan is one of the official languages of Spain.




Romanian is the official language of Romania and one of the lesser learnt romantic languages.


Motivation is what you need!

Motivation and discipline that is. It won't be enough to learn a language just by wanting to. You need to really want it, work hard, keep up that motivation and on the days you have no motivation left you need to use your discipline.

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