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Jewish History

David Gans: Historian and Astronomer

There are many fascinating Jewish historians from the past, and David Gans is one of them. Read more.

Great Places for Jewish Heritage Tours Post-COVID-19

The Celebration of Pesach for this year has been quite different, and Shavuot and other future holidays might also be spent indoors. Quite different from how we traditionally celebrate them, but for the safety of our family and friends, we have to reduce the spread of the current pandemic.

World War 2: Jewish Films and Series To Watch

Although we cannot travel, for now, the pandemic crisis can not stop us from learning and honoring our Jewing forebearers during World War 2. Here are some of the best movies and series that you can watch this stay-at-home season.

The Hollandse Synagogue of Antwerp | Kosher River Cruise

Antwerp has had a significant history with the Jewish people, as evident by the background of the Hollandse Synagogue. Click here to read more.

Diamonds Are Forever | Kosher River Cruise

Article by Rabbi Stewart Weiss We all know that there is a strong connection between Jews and diamonds – beyond our wives religious affinity for the gems! – that goes back centuries. Perhaps this is because, historically, our people were frequently evicted and evacuated from numerous countries, often at a moment’s notice. Diamonds, like gold, […]

A Chronicler Before the Crusades: The Tale of Eliezer Ben Nathan | Kosher River Cruise

If there’s one thing that we learned on our kosher touring ventures, it’s that history is built on the efforts of those who preserve and chronicle the happenings of their time. Huge swathes of the past are lost to the modern day because of wars, famines or oppression, but like flowers that pierce through the pavement, history finds a way. One can liken our kosher river cruises as an act of ‘smelling the flowers’, visiting different parts of the world and identifying the history found therein.

Amatus Lusitanus and The Centurae of Circulation | Kosher River Cruise

Our Kosher holiday cruises explore the past regularly, diving into the stories of notable Jewish achievements across the world. It’s fascinating to learn about how various Jewish individuals contributed to the growth of scientific discovery, including the study of medicine.

A Kosher River Cruise Begins in Porto | Kosher River Cruise

The Douro River of Portugal is a beautiful waterway, one that winds through the gentle rolling fields and hills of the Douro Valley region. Last October, after many months of preparation and scheduling, Kosher River Cruises finally set sail for the Douro River. Our glatt kosher tour began in Porto.

From Padua to Amsterdam: The Story of Ramchal | Kosher River Cruise

On our previous Jewish heritage tours through Amsterdam, we explored its role as a place of refuge and prosperity for many disparate Jewish groups, from the first wave of Sephardim fleeing Iberia, to the latter groups of Ashkenazi Jews who settled there in later centuries

The Composer of Sefer Ha-Musar | Kosher River Cruise

We have been on Jewish tours to various parts of the world, providing expeditions that bring to light the historical heritage of Jews who lived in various parts of the world. Today, tourism has allowed for a more luxurious and convenient method to explore the world, something that many people in times of antiquity could not do. Rather, instead of leisure, the individual travelers of earlier centuries would walk and ride and sail for the purposes of knowledge, trade or discovery.

Illuminations from Catalonia: The Golden Haggadah | Kosher River Cruise

The Haggadah is an interesting part of Jewish history—a manuscript used in the Passover Seder. While Pesach has already concluded this year, the Haggadah remains a fascinating way to learn more about Jewish culture and heritage.

Gershom ben Judah, the Light of the Exile | Kosher River Cruise

Our Glatt Kosher holiday cruises have traversed through both physical locales and temporal experiences, plunging the depths of history to better understand the happenings of today. Every now and then we travel to the home city of a great Jewish figure, an authority in religious matters whose insights can still be seen in modern-day religious scholarship.

Abraham Ibn Ezra, The Traveling Scholar | Kosher River Cruise

In the post 711 era of Iberia, there were many great contributors to Jewish art, philosophy and theological thought, a flourishing era of knowledge and relative prosperity. The wealth of Jewish heritage in Iberia could even explain the number of kosher resorts in the peninsula, places where one can celebrate the good things of the past and the great events of the present.

A Top with Many Sides: The Story of the Dreidel | Kosher River Cruise

Jewish history is full of miracles, both big and small, from the parting of the Red Sea to the jar of oil that lasted for eight days. Many of our holidays celebrate these miracles, and Chanukah is one of the most famous ones out there. Celebrating the rededication of the Second Temple, Chanukah is characterized by many festive and commemorative acts, such as the eating of oil-based foods and the lighting of candles on the menorah.

Abraham ben Yaakov: Master Copper Engraver of the Amsterdam Haggadah

The printing press is a staple part of Jewish history. The proliferation of knowledge via mass-produced text is a revolutionary innovation. It is a facet of culture that we encounter every so often on our previous kosher cruises, from Italy to Amsterdam. Torahs, haggadahs and prayer books were easily circulated.

Stubborness and Survival | Kosher River Cruise

“For I have seen this People, and this is a stiff-necked People.” (Exodus 32:9).

We Jews have a lot of nick-names. We are called Hebrews, Mosaics, the People of the Book, the Chosen People. But perhaps the most cutting adjective used to describe us is stubbornness. We are adaptable, but largely inflexible.

Passover Cleaning Tips: 4 Cleaning Products That Are Kosher for Passover | by Annalise Abrams | Mar, 2022 | Medium

The holiday season is a time to reflect on the past year and plan for the new year. It is also a time to gather with your family and friends as you celebrate Easter at home or aboard kosher river cruises.

Summer is an amazing time to travel and kosher touring, especially if you ask the kids. After years of being cooped up inside due to the pandemic, everybody’s preparing to get outside and enjoy some fun under the sun.

The 5 helpful Tips for Keeping Kosher on Jewish vacation | by Annalise Abrams | Mar, 2022 | Medium

Traveling can be stressful even aboard a kosher tour. You have to worry about making sure that you have your passport, packing the right clothes, making sure that you don’t forget anything important and many more details.

4 common Jewish attractions on board cruise ships by Jeremy Banks

Cruise ships offer an array of amenities for their guests, but Jewish travelers might also want to seek out specific activities and services out of their kosher tour. Cruise lines design their ships with a variety of passengers in mind, so there are plenty of options available.

613 Commandments: Concerning the Sefer ha-Chinuch | Kosher River Cruise

Growing up is inevitable, and there are many challenges that come with the journey towards adulthood. Even adults need guidance in a lot of matters, especially when you’re new to certain things. Experience is a wonderful way to learn new things and help you grow. We like to imagine that our Glatt Kosher tours provide ways to enlighten and enrich Jewish travelers who wish to discover and reconnect with their heritage.

Albert Ballin, Pioneer of Cruising | Kosher River Cruise

We explore Jewish history while enjoying Glatt Kosher holidays aboard our cruise ships. However, the history of cruising is also an interesting topic in itself. One of the pioneers of luxury water travel was a Jewish magnate, who helped introduce the idea of cruising for tourists in the early 20th century. His name is Albert Ballin.

It was the great Joseph Burg (1909-1999), former Minister of Religious Affairs in Israel, who coined the phrase, Midvar Seker Tirchak,” stay away from surveys – a play on words of the Torah commandment, Midvar Sheker Tirchak – stay away from falsehood. But a rather interesting survey recently appeared that caught my interest and bears examining.

Almond Chocolate Cake | Kosher River Cruise

The taste of chocolate is a wonderful thing to experience. Cocoa has this alluring appeal to it that makes it popular as a dessert flavor. From ice cream to cakes, chocolate makes any kosher dessert tastier and more delicious to eat. It also works well with many different kinds of nuts, such as almonds. Are you looking for a sweet and memorable cake recipe for this cold season? Check out this delicious kosher almond chocolate cake!

Stories from the Golden City | Kosher River Cruise

Our October kosher river cruise took us from the scenic beauty of Porto to the grandeur of the ancient city of Salamanca. With the Douro River crossing the Portugal-Spain border, we easily visited the university city after taking a short bus ride. There is much history to be explored in Salamanca, from its scholarly roots to its rich Jewish heritage.