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Updated by Stephan James on Aug 26, 2020
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Secure Your Business Today with Telecom Metric Security Services!

Do you own a business that’s making the news with its many new successes? Do you require end-to-end encryption on all communication within and outside the periphery of the company? Telecom Metric provides secure, private, 100% Canadian voice communications. We take secure networking and communications to the next level. Telecom Metric Provides you VOIP phone system that help your organization in many ways


Is Voice Over Internet Protocol Secure Enough

Internet telephony can be risky. You cannot control the number of carriers and how packets are routed. Voice in the data lines is as secure as other applications in the IP infrastructure. Still, it offers better security than traditional telephony. However, being better than traditional telephony does not mean that it offers complete security. There are a few vulnerabilities linked with VoIP in Canada and these vulnerabilities are being addressed. VoIP is growing.

Why Do You Need Voice Security For Your Business

Discussing confidential business matters is safe when it occurs within the walls of your conference room. However, the ongoing global health crisis has changed the way business works. In businesses that can be run digitally, everyone from key decision-makers at the top level of management to employees who execute projects, everyone is working from home. As a result, confidential conversations in conference rooms are not possible.

What to Do Before Transitioning to SIP?

Considering the cost-effectiveness, flexibility and the availability of unified communications, many organizations have already transitioned from traditional phone lines to SIP trunking. You might also want to replace your phone lines with this more advanced option for quality calling and cost savings.You can easily deploy a SIP solution if you are working with one of the reliable SIP trunk providers. However, first of all, you need to make sure that your business is ready for this transition.

How to Buy a Small Business Phone System?

Before you invest in a small business phone system, you should be aware of the terminology and different types of systems. This article briefly explains some features and terms you have to be aware of before investing in a small business phone system.

All That You Need Know About SIP Trunking

It is a kind of signaling procedure that is used widely for controlling communications over the internet like video and voice calls. Basically, it can deliver low cost local, domestic, and international long-distance service. Also, no toll is levied on the service.

Make The Most Out of Your Cloud Storage

Cloud storage services are meant to be exploited fully. The most noticeable advantage is the access to files across different platforms. Not only that, but you can also share the information conveniently. However, the list of advantages doesn’t end here. There is a lot in store of the best cloud storage services near you.

Establish Your Work From Home Strategy With Cloud-Based VoIP

Thousands of employees across the globe are connecting remotely to their place of employment with the recent outbreak of the COVID-19 Coronavirus. Businesses with traditional phone services are left scrambling to find a work from home / remote working solution and are not equipped with remote software capabilities such as softphones and built-in video conferencing solutions leading them to spend extra money on multiple separate and individual stand-alone solutions.

5 Essential FAQs On The Cloud-Based Phone Services

Businesses are continually looking for ways to upgrade their communication. Be it internal or external; telephone services are the most commonly used ways for that purpose. With the evolution of cloud PBX (private brands exchange), businesses have the flexibility to perform voice calls over data and Wi-Fi. They use on-site handsets and other smart devices that are very economical and reliable. So, overall, it’s a better way to communicate with anyone on behalf of the company.

Protect Your Confidential Data With Cloud Storage!

Internet has made the world smaller and the maximum population has access to the internet. We can get in touch with people throughout the world regardless of the distance. The Internet has changed the way to do business. Private as well as public firms store data in a private cloud storage system. This means that the data can be accessed securely by anyone that the user deems appropriate.

VoIP Business Phone System: Everything You Need to Know - GeeksScan

Voice over Internet Protocol, popularly known as VoIP, is a modern-day technology that allows communication through the Internet. Today, several organizations use a VoIP business phone system for unified communications and empower the transfer of digital data on the World Wide Web.

Build-Up Boundless Business Interactions with Reliable Hosted PBX

Business and communication, together run in harmony. It is the most important aspect of business that helps the owners to get along with stakeholders. Sometimes, few loopholes in the communication system of the organization hinder business operations. However, for all such undesiring challenges, Hosted PBX is the key. It’s a robust solution to untangle communication problems that prevail in business firms. Let’s learn more to harness it in the best way!

Secure Your Sensitive Data in Cloud Storage!

Cloud storage is a remote platform that uses a highly virtualized framework to provide businesses with versatile storage resources that can be accessed and refurbished dynamically as required by the organization. A wide array of cloud storage providers offer this service these days.

How Telecom Metric is Meeting the Challenge of COVID-19

Learn how Telecom Metric is meeting the COVID-19 challenge! We're taking measures to protect our workforce, ensure availability, & pressure test our platform at scale.

Read the Useful SIP Trunk Tips for Businesses

Before you can viably hire SIP trunk providers for the job, it’s important to understand what Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) actually is. It’s critical that you know the nuts and bolts of how it functions. These are the products utilized to make Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) software work.

Make Your Office Phone Systems Secured and Successful!

Communication is the most evolving aspect of the field of business and marketing. This is so because no business can execute without having sufficient interaction both within and outside the organization. Amazingly, the endeavors of technology and blend of the internet in the matter of communication are something worth exploring. Out of all the sources and methods, IP Telephony mounts the extreme significance in terms of office phone systems. Let’s jump in and know about it more!

5 VoIP Phone System Features that Make Your Work Easier

Voice over Internet Protocol, popularly known as VoIP, has become an internal part of the business world in the last few years. Originally introduced in 1995, the VoIP phone system facilitates voice calls over the Internet. It means a local telephone company is not involved during the process. Unlike traditional methods of voice transmission, VoIP…

Top 10 Benefits of VoIP in Education - Telecom Metric

Administrators, educators & students can benefit by switching to a Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution. Read our top 10 benefits of VoIP in education!

Perks Of eFax You Must Know

The eFax solution is fully hosted cloud fax services that are used by businesses globally, including half of the fortune 500. With the best eFax, employees can securely send and receive faxes by email, from any desktop, tablet, or Smartphone. With the email to fax service, just having a toll-free number will enable you to fax from your email directly.

A Complete Guide to Small Business Internet

The internet is a basic and critical business requirement that has a direct impact on your profitability. According to a research report by The Value of Connectivity, 75% of the surveyed commercial tenants say that bad connectivity impacts profitability. 84% of the respondents are ready to pay more for the same space with reliable connectivity. However, you don’t want to pay unnecessarily more when you are running a small business. This guide is all about reliable small business internet that you can easily afford.