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10 Social Bookmarking Sites List

Social Bookmarking Sites List – It is a list of 39 Bookmarking sites for Backlinks & Traffic. All sites are high DA with less Spam & checked properly. Almost all sites are instant approval and you can find instructions under each link on how to use these sites.
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One of the best sites where you can add your links and bookmark easily. The site is 10 years old with DA 94 and PA 95, the spam score is 11% and Alexa rank is 146. You may think about high spam score but compare to DA, PA, and age of this site, you should add all your site posts on this site.
Hundreds of Pinterest links are appearing in search engines which is best to get some extra traffic. There are also thousands of active users on this site always searching for something. This is one of the best sites for traffic and backlinks.
Social Bookmarking Sites List



Tumblr is an alternative to because its the perfect place to create a blog. They provide you all options to include links, posts, pictures, videos and allow you to create many blogs at the same time. The site is 14 years old with DA 87 & PA 99 with spam score 11% and Alexa rank is 119.
It allows you to add your link and all information related to the link will auto fetch by the site. Its instant approval best site to create backlinks and receive some good traffic.
There are thousands of blogs created and you can easily like, share their content, this is the best way to get good your content popular. Some of the posts are appearing in search results which are best for you to know that backlinks created on this site are ranking fast.
Social Bookmarking Sites List



Reddit is considered as the front page of the internet and you can find thousands of active users on this site part of many subreddits. This site is 15 years old with DA 90 & PA 91, the spam score is 1% and the Alexa rank is 19.
This is not like a normal bookmarking site because you can use credit to get thousands of traffic on your site easily. You can leave the site link when asking questions or participating in discussions.
Sharing links on your profile is simple but you should stay active a lot to get traffic because you can create fast ranking instant approval backlinks without traffic.



Mix is a very old site that provides a simple procedure to create bookmarks. All you have to do is include your link and you will find everything auto-generated. It is 28 years old, DA 81 & PA 60 with spam score is 1% and Alexa rank is 11546.

You can create a collection on this site and share it with other people. To get traffic from this site, you must follow others, contact them, stay active and it is no a simple way to receive the best traffic. Use this site for creating backlinks but it takes time to get indexed by Google.



Digg is a popular site where you can submit links and create high-quality backlinks. This site is great for traffic and you may find high-quality links submitted from all top websites. We suggest you submit all your good posts here because they may reject it because of the very low quality of your content.

It is 20 years old site, DA 93 & PA 81 with a spam score of 1% and Alexa rank is 5092. There is no best site to bookmark your link compare to Digg. Getting traffic from this site is not easy as many high-quality links are always submitted all the time. Thousands of people are visiting this site monthly which can become your good visitors if you stay active on-site doing different activities.


Scoop is a very popular site that provides free and paid membership to its users. There are too many benefits with paid packages but you can easily create free backlinks up to 50 in the free version. Tags are a very important part of this site which you can use to reach higher results.

This is 12 years old site, DA 93 & PA 74 with a spam score of 1% and Alexa rank 7637. The procedure is very simple, you need to just add your link and they will preview all information for you where you can add some tags. They provide the option to follow other people and receive the latest updates from their scoops to read anytime.



Most popular best site where you can get high-quality backlinks and also traffic for your site. There are many options available on this site and their procedure is different from other sites. They allow you to add URL with the title and your post content. Slashdot is number 7 in our Social Bookmarking Sites List.

If you include a short version of your post and submit to them with a link, that’s a better way to get backlinks. It will consider as a high-quality link because you get it in content. Its Is 23 years old site, DA 91 & PA 76 with a spam score of 1% and Alexa rank is 8567.

Your content is always reviewed by moderators and they may add it on their feed if accepted. You can still create backlinks by submitting them but getting traffic depends on the quality of what you submit to them.


Fark is the best site to submit your links in different categories like entertainment, podcasts, Sports, Business, and more. It is similar to Slashdot where moderators can include your link to the top of the site if its awesome and high quality. We suggest you include an awesome tagline to get a better chance of receiving free traffic.

It is 23 years old site, DA 73 & PA 67 with Spam score 1%, and Alexa rank is 7705. They have some rules which you can follow and get good traffic on-site for free. Total Fark is an awesome part of this site where you can pay the fee and join for full advantage of this site. Creating a free backlink is easy but getting traffic is not a good idea from this site because of a lot of competition.



The most simple site to get backlinks is BibSonomy which gets indexed fast with instant approval. There is no limit to bookmark your links and tags are very important to get the attention of users. This site is not much of a traffic site but we suggest you submit all types of links on it.

It is 15 years old site, DA 53, PA 61 with a spam score of 1% and Alexa rank is 22298. Another important feature of this site is groups, you can join hundreds of created groups or make your own. But most of these groups are not active and they are mostly used for bookmarking with publication submission.


Bored Panda

Bored Panda is a place to find great high quality content because they don’t accept low quality links or content. It is more guest post site and less bookmarking site. There are many categories in which you can submit your post which includes photography, animals, nature, tv movies and others.

It is 11 years old site, DA 89 & PA 70 with a spam score of 2% and Alexa rank is 1646. This is the best site where you can submit a short version of your post and get the best backlink which will help to get great ranking. Some features are very important on this and best to get traffic like Featured or Trending.

It depends on your quality post that it will get great views on their site. you can add your site inside the post to get a backlink and also traffic back to the site. Domain authority is very high and It is considered the best site for the guest posts also bookmarking.