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Daksh one of the best CCTV companies in India is an ISO certified leading manufacturer and service provider is best outdoor and indoor wireless security and surveillance cameras with wide ranges of bullet cameras for outdoor and domed cameras for indoor security and surveillance even with hidden outdoor security cameras.

We know in this globalised world you tend to reach greater dimensions in life and that’s why we protect you with the new dimension of security; feel free to feel safe Daksh CCTV Security with Priovides Top CCTV surveillance and security system.!

A study estimated that the global rate of crimes was 7.6 intentional crimes per 100,000 inhabitants. It is our duty to safeguard ourselves, our home, our office, etc. Security has become the prime need of the hour. Daksh becomes the ultimate one stop solution for your security. India’s leading wireless security camera manufacturer.

Precisely designed and manufactured security and surveillance cameras by our team of experts.

Are Dome cameras better | Daksh CCTV India Pvt Ltd

There is nothing called the better. One is always better in terms of it’s utility. It’s all about choosing the rite mix and the right one

Do you know why CCTV system is so important | Daksh CCTV India Pvt Ltd

There is new wave of security enhancement in the market which are often referred to as CCTV which is abbreviated as Closed circuit Television.

How can building security be improved | Daksh CCTV India Pvt Ltd

As we can see in our daily papers and news channels, crime rates have increased incredibly and we fear safety not just outside our buildings but even inside it. What can be done to wave off fear and feel safe?


Installing a CCTV camera in a school bus also keeps a check on the driver, attendant and also the children on the bus to be disciplined. Drivers, attendants and even children playful at this stage have the conscience of being monitored


To make our workplace safe and secured for the employer, employee and the customer by adapting to the changing times through surveillance adoptions. There are various things that the firm could adopt to improve the security at work place wiz.,Verified alarm system, Screening policy, access control and most importantly Integrated Security surveillance system


Every firm, company and even houses these days have started fixing CCTV surveillance and recording systems to make themselves feel secure so that the quality of products that you use for security and surveillance andUpgrading the gadgets and accessories to the best quality available in the market


Security is not just a need in business places and factories but also at our homes. These are unfortunate times with increased crimes in the society but also a fortunate time with the advancements in technology to tackle such adversities.

Installing CCTV cameras in colleges | Daksh CCTV India Pvt Ltd

Due to a lot of sexual harassment cases in colleges the Tamil Nadu government has made it mandatory for colleges in Tamil Nadu to install CCTV camera systems. Security system manufacturers in India have joined hands with authorities to aid the enhancement of safety in colleges.

Is your Office safe -dakshCCTV india

This particular time in the world is a time of new startups and young entrepreneurs coming up. It’s time you entrepreneurs checked the safety of your office so Train and equip your employees with security drills. At the end it’s always teamwork that wins.

Office security tips to secure your work place | Daksh CCTV India Pvt Ltd

Most businesses are not safe these days, there are thefts both internally and externally, there are data thefts, property thefts, intellectual treats and thefts, break-ins etc Always it’s better to have a integrated security system with best CCTV cameras, biometric screening, etc with reduces manual surveillance and gives you the trust of security where ever you are.


Always remember employee and the employer are mutually integrated part of any business and security means mutual security for all three integrated – The employee, employer, and the firm. It’s necessary for the employer to cascade and amplify security tips to their employees

Security and safety systems | Daksh CCTV India Pvt Ltd

When it comes to securing your place it takes a great deal to choose the one for you that is suited to your environment and your budget. IP cameras are best suited for home security and again there is a huge deal to choose from it’s varieties

The benefits of installing CCTV in schools | Daksh CCTV India Pvt Ltd

Right to education is a fundamental right of every citizen and so is the safety of the children. At times unpredictable mishaps occur even at schools. That’s where CCTV camera installation comes in handy

What are dome cameras used for? | Daksh CCTV India Pvt Ltd

Dome cameras are mostly the vandal proof covert surveillance camera which goes well with your indoors and camouflages and becomes hard for one to spot. These Dome IP cameras are used in homes, office indoors, etc

What are the advantages of IP camera? | Daksh CCTV India Pvt Ltd

Internet protocol cameras or the IP cameras are the basic backbone of surveillance systems. This is the skeleton of any surveillance system. In the advanced world with internet taking over most of the development space surveillance systems have adopted the changing course


CCTV cameras have wide beneficial offers to people, CCTV cameras stay as the eyes and ears of business people it allows you to monitor your workplace from wherever you are through advanced technology on a 24×7 basis.

What are the uses of IP camera? | Daksh CCTV India Pvt Ltd

The major use of IP cameras are surveillance. It is used in homes, offices, schools, colleges to have a secured and safe feeling. Since it uses internet it helps hooking up even miles away to your smartphones, laptops, and PCs.

What is better bullet or dome camera? | Daksh CCTV India Pvt Ltd

Bullet cameras as the name suggests it is with the shape of a gun barrel that protrudes out. Both bullet and dome cameras are better in it’s own ways and there is slight difference that makes both stand out on its own.

What is bullet camera? | Daksh CCTV India Pvt Ltd

Bullet camera is a surveillance camera that protects and safeguards your home and all other spaces with latest IP wireless technology. As the name goes it is differentiated with it’s shape of. Protruded gun barrel type which adopts a larger camera lens to provide a wide range of coverage which also comes in different varieties like infrared for night vision, weather proof to withhold any extreme weather conditions. These bullet IP cameras are best suited for outdoor wide area coverages and it is also easier to install. There are other options available in bullet IP cameras like the 2 mp IP bullet camera, 1.3 mp HD bullet cameras to 8mp IP bullet cameras to 5mp HD, IP cameras. Choose the best you need from leading security camera manufacturers

Which is better IP camera or CCTV?. | Daksh CCTV India Pvt Ltd

Closed circuit Television and internet protocol are the abbreviated CCTV and IP cameras. Both has it’s own pros. But these days CCTV has become the umbrella term of surveillance, be it IP dome or IP bullet.
CCTV usually refers to analog digital video recording (DVR) which uses analog TV signal through cables to cover, record and transmit video footages to the connected screen. This type of connection uses cables and wires and hence it becomes comparatively difficult in installation and can be connected to very few devices in the length of the cable.
On the other hand IP cameras uses internet in the form of Ethernet or WiFi to connect to a network video recorder (NVR) located anywhere around the globe through internet be it smart phones, PC s or laptops and uses wireless technology to make it’s installation much easier and cost effective. The maintenance burden reduces and it can be accessed from wherever you are.
Obviously IP cameras are the more adapted one in this internet era.
Have a look at the various option of surveillance systems available here