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Most Famous and Delicious Indian Recipes

Hope you all Doing Well and Having Delicious food At Home.

Lauki kofta Curry Recipe | How to Make bottle gourd Curry For Beginners?

Lauki kofta Curry Is made from bottle gourd. The Recipe is Very Delicious, spicy and healthy for Eating .Its most popular dish of north india.

Palak Paneer Recipe | Green Spinach Soup With Indian Cottage Cheese

Palak Paneer is one of the most popular and Loved Dish across India. In this Recipe Paneer cubes(Indian Cottage Cheese) Is added to Fresh Blanched Spinach/Palak Leaves With Lot Of Herbs and Spices to Make the Dish Spicy.

Paneer dishes mainly originated from the north Indian cuisines. One such Creamy and Delicious green coloured curry is Palak paneer with Indian Cottage Cheese cubes added into it. In India this exquisite curry Is widely Served with Jeera Rice, Roti, paratha or Chapati.


Dhaba Style Jeera Rice aka Cumin rice

Dhaba Style Jeera Rice aka Cumin rice

Get More Dhaba Style Jeera Rice is an extremely easy and Delicious Indian rice dish made up of Basmati Rice and flavored with cumin seeds and lots of Spices. Making Fluffy and non-sticky Cumin rice Is one Of the Simplest and you only need A Handful Of Ingredients.

Jeera plays an important role In Flavoring the Indian foods, it Add texture and Spiciness to the Dishes. Whenever you have guests coming, you really don’t want to serve them plain rice. Jeera Rice, a stunningly flavorful Dish that can be served with Any Indian curry may like louki Kofta.

Dhaba Style jeera Rice Is Most Ordered Rice Dishes in Restaurants across India. It was usually Served with Side Curries or Dal.

Without Delaying, Let’s look into the Ingredients Required
Basmati Rice – 2 cups
Ghee, Oil or Butter – 2 Table Spoon
Chopped Green Chillies – 2
Water for Boiling Rice – 3½ Cups ( Depend upon the Quality Of Rice )
Spices required:
Jeera Or Cumin Seeds – 2½ Table Spoon
Bay Leaf – 1
Green Cardamoms – 3
1 inch piece of Cinnamon For Flavour
Cloves ( laung ) – 4
For Garnishing
Coriander Leaves
Lemon juice
Preparation Of Dhaba Style jeera Rice :
Rinse and Drain the Basmati rice thoroughly.
Soak the Rice in fresh water for 25 minutes.
Drain the Water
keep the Rice Aside
Put Pressure cooker On the Stove.
Add Ghee or oil to It.
Now, add Cloves, Bay leaf, Cinnamon and cardamoms to it.
Mix and Stir well occasionally till 5-6 minutes on Medium Flame.
Transfer the basmati Rice to the Pressure cooker.
Stir It Well.
Add Water to it.
Add Salt according to your Taste.
Mix it Well
Cover the Pressure Cooker with the Lid and wait For 3-4 whistles.
When the Pressure Settles transfer the rice Into A bowl.
Now, For Making Dhaba Style Jeera Rice, We Need to Put A Pan on the Stove.
Add Oil or Ghee to the cooker.
Add Jeera and Green Chillies.
Stir It Well For 3-4 minutes.
When you Get The Flavour Of Jeera, then Add The Cooked Rice In the Pan.
Mix it well till the aroma comes out.
Now, turn Off the Stove
Transfer the Jeera Rice Into a Bowl Or Plate.
Sprinkle Lemon juice on it.
Garnish It With Coriander Leaves
Your Dhaba Style jeera Rice Is Ready!

Serve It hot, to your loved Ones With These Curries.

Rajma Chawal

Louki Kofta

Health Benefits Of Cumin Seeds
Cumin Seeds Promotes Digestion and reduce constipation Issues.

Some of the Components and plant compounds in Cumin Seeds have Shown Promising Results in Treating Diabetes.

Concentrated cumin supplements helped in improving blood Cholesterol Level In People who suffer from kidney and Heart Diseases.

It also Help in promoting weight loss in a few clinical studies.

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Dahi Bhalla Chaat Recipe | Most Popular Indian Snack

Dahi Bhalla chaat recipe is known as perugu garelu in South India and Dahi bhalla in north. This is a straightforward and simple dish to try at home.


Rajma Chawal Recipe ! How to Make Restaurant Style Rajma Chawal

Rajma Chawal Recipe ! How to Make Restaurant Style Rajma Chawal

Rajma chawal is made from red kidney beans with onion & tomato gravy. This delicious North Indian Dish is super easy to make—all you have to blend a few ingredients and cook with few spices. Rajma curry is a popular north Indian dish; it is best served with plain steamed rice. So the Combo of Rajma and Chawal Is Known As Rajma Chawal.

This homemade recipe is not heavily spiced as no cream is used. It is a great Dish for kids lunch box too, as it is one of the favorite dish among the Children.

So, Without Wasting Time Let’s look at the Ingredients required To make Rajma Chawal

Ingredients to make Rajma Curry:
Soak 200 grams of Red Kidney beans in enough water for 7 to 8 hours or Overnight

Chopped onions – 2

Chopped Garlic Cloves – 6

Grated Ginger

Finely Chopped Green Chillies – 2

Grated Tomatoes – 2

Coriander Leaves

Red chili powder – 1 Tsp

Half teaspoon turmeric powder

Black pepper – 1 Tsp

Garam masala powder – 1 Tsp

Dry Mango Powder – 1 Tsp

Cumin Seeds – 1 Tsp

Salt to taste

Butter or Oil – 1 Tbsp

Ho to Prepare Rajma Chawal Recipe

Topi Dosa/Cone Dosa Recipe For Beginners

Topi Dosa Is Most Favorite Recipe of Children. It’s a South Indian Dish and is popular Because of Its Cone Shaped Structure