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15 Great articles on Wedding Photography

All you wanted to know on wedding photography and was afraid to ask!


3 Tips On Choosing The Perfect Photographer For Your Wedding

Photography Your wedding day is something most brides to be always dream of. It's a ceremony that's conducted to show the love and commitment couples have to one another. However, capturing that special day is important. Having photos to look back at decades from now is something a lot of married couples enjoy.

The Right Frame Of Mind: Why Hire A Wedding Photographer?

Photography With the plethora of smartphones, amateur photographers and semi-professional equipment available on the market, it might be tempting for a couple to forgo hiring a professional wedding photographer. After all, why should a bride spend her precious resources on something a good friend could do for free?

3 Aspects to Focus On When Planning Your D-Day

Photography Love is a beautiful feeling and when it happens to you, you should consider yourself the most blessed person on Earth. If you think that, you have found your partner, then take your relationship to the next level and prepare yourself to tie the knot.

How to Transform the Look of a Wedding Venue on a Budget

Creativity Weddings are made in heaven but not many couples get a heaven-like venue to exchange vows. Don't let the wedding venue stand in your way to create your dream wedding. Even a simple venue can be made to look stylish with little details. All you need is creativity.

Latest trends in Wedding Photography

Photography Wedding pictures are no longer taken by a simple point and shoot process. Many photographers are artistically considering how they could capture the theme, the romance and the rawness of emotions behind your biggest moment of your life. Boudoir photography One of the latest trends catching on is boudoir photography.

Three Essential Elements to Creative Wedding Photography

What do we think about when we hear the worlds "wedding photography"? We are all familiar with traditional wedding pictures; ring change in a church, portraits, family group shots, bridal party posing in a line, close up of the bouquet, dress and shoes and the newlywed couple standing in an official pose looking at the camera.

How to create a wedding your guests can treasure forever

Creativity From the venue to the invitations, the menu to the seating plan, modern brides and grooms have a lot of decisions to make. When Celia Davis realised that she would be getting married in the same year as FIVE of her school friends, she was determined to make her day a wedding to remember.

How To Get Connected Within The Wedding Photography Industry

Photography As a wedding photographer it is good business practice for you to find every possible way to get new clients and promote your career. Apart from creating websites, printing business cards, using word of mouth or creating a portfolio for people to access you can also get new clients by relating with other professionals whose work is in one way or the other related to weddings.

10 Tips for Amateur Wedding Photographers

Photography If you are a wedding photographer, then you may know that covering a wedding is not a joke and being hired as a wedding photographer is such a troublesome and difficult job. You always have to be on run and have to carry heavy camera and lenses on your shoulders.

How To Get Wedding Photography Jobs

Photography Learning how to take great and professional photographs is not all you need to land wedding photography gigs. You need to promote yourself and find ways by which people can locate you, so they can hire you.

How To Find A Great Wedding Photographer

Photography Your wedding is the most important day in your life and for good reason. If you consider yourself to be a pessimist, you may think that weddings don't mean much simply because of the high divorce rate these days, but that's a story for another day.

How to Find and Appoint a Good Wedding Photographer

Photography Your wedding ceremony is one of the most precious and unmatched moment of life. Capture your memories by finding the best wedding photographer to help ensure everlasting pleasure while avoiding expensive photo shoots. Post your requirements and receive offers from various wedding photographers.

Questions to Ask to Your Photographer for Ensuring Unique Wedding Memories

Photography It can be sometimes debilitating in selecting the most suitable wedding photographer for your most valuable day in your life. Undoubtedly, you will desire for the ideal wedding photography, may be gamos photography without investing much in it.

Top Tips on How to Improve Your Wedding Photography Skills

Photography If you are interested in becoming a wedding photographer, you need to first take steps to improve your photography skills. You may love photography, but turning your hobby into a profession that pays will require time, effort and dedication.

Some Tips to Make Your Wedding Photographs Outstandingly Beautiful

Photography Wedding holds special importance in the life of a person. People start to plan for it months ago. One has to make all the choices very carefully while planning the wedding. One of the toughest choices you have to make here will be the selection of the photographer.