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Best Meeting Management Software

In the time of digitization and automation, automate your meetings with the best meeting management software that handles all your-

  • Preparatory functions,
  • During meeting functions and
  • After meeting functions involved in meeting management. Check out exclusive features of our platform- meetingTRAC, to know how effective it makes meetings for you.
How can Meeting Agenda and Minutes Software help Create a Well-designed Agenda

Meeting agenda and minutes software can simplify the tedious task of creating an effective agenda. It can help businesses prepare well for the meeting, ensure everyone is on the same page, allocate time efficiently, and identify if the meeting is going in the right direction.

How can the Best Online Meeting Software help Drive Efficient Meetings

Efficient business meetings offer benefits like streamlined information sharing, better decision-making, and more. The best online meeting software can help organisations drive efficient meetings that lead to business growth.


Automate Agenda Management with Government Agenda Management Software

Automate Agenda Management with Government Agenda Management Software

In the highly digitized e-governance systems, the most missed element is time. With the help of the best government agenda management software, organizations can save time involved in crucial decision-making meetings.
Visit the website to know more about the meeting management platform.


Get high on productivity and low on time wastage with best Meeting Minutes Recording Software

Get high on productivity and low on time wastage with best Meeting Minutes Recording Software

Is your organization suffering due to manual minutes taking practices taking a lot of time and disturbing the flow of productive ideas? If so, meetingTRAC is one of the best meeting minutes recording software that you can utilize in order to automate your minutes taking and making it as cost and time efficient as ever.
Visit the website to know more and then have a 7 days trial for absolutely free.

How the best meeting management software improves meetings?

Do you ever doubt the importance of best meeting management software in improving meetings? If so, go through the PPT to know about how crucial it is for meeting productivity.

How can Meeting Minutes Software help Meeting Attendees Perform their Roles Effectively

Meeting minutes software, integrated with complete meeting management tools, can streamline the recording and distribution of meeting agendas and minutes, thereby helping meeting attendees to perform their roles effectively.


Top 5 Meeting Management Software for your Organisation

Top 5 Meeting Management Software for your Organisation

Meeting management software can save time and money spent on preparing, conducting, and reporting on meetings. Here is a list of top 5 meeting management software that can help you with efficient meeting management.

The Top 5 Meeting Management Software
Studies have shown that over one-third of meetings are unplanned and they lead to no results. More than 50 percent of top executives believe that their time spent in meetings is wasted. To run an efficient meeting, it is important that your meeting has a well-defined agenda and someone who is charged with taking care of meeting minutes, action items, and follow-ups.
Ensuring all of this can be time-consuming and intimidating, especially when you are following a manual approach. This is when meeting management software can be beneficial.
Meeting management software automates and streamlines the meeting management process – from scheduling a meeting to creating and distributing meeting agendas and minutes. However, not all meeting management software systems are the same. You need to choose the right option to enjoy the full benefits of meeting management software.
Here is the list of top 5 meeting management software that can help you narrow down your search for the best meeting management software.

1. Cisco WebEx
WebEx is one of the popular meeting management software used by businesses. It is easy to use and does not cost much. Users can simply sign up for WebEx; since the software is in the cloud, it is easy to set up. The user-friendly interface enables users to easily navigate through the software.
Key features of WebEx include the following:
• Audio calls
• Video conferencing
• Scheduling
• Meeting recordings
• File sharing
• Screen sharing
• Follow-up and breakout meetings

2. meetingTRAC

meetingTRAC is a smart and easy board meeting management software designed for clubs and organisations of all types and sizes. It is integrated with advanced meeting management tools to offer everything in one place – from scheduling meetings to creating and distributing meeting agendas and minutes to after-meeting follow-up plans. meetingTRAC offers a user-friendly interface and is easy to integrate into any organisation – it can run on any computer or mobile device, and does not require any software download.
Key features of meetingTRACinclude the following:
• Meeting scheduling
• Custom agenda and minutes templates
• Automatic distribution of meeting agendas and minutes electronically
• Instant email actions
• Centralised filing
• Easy file sharing
• Managementand collaboration on tasks
meetingTRAC meeting management software offers a 7-day free trial to enable users to explore how the software can help conduct better meetings with less effort and time.

3. MeetingKing
MeetingKing offers complete meeting management solutions – from setting up meetings and viewing meeting history to performing other basic tasks. MeetingKing is backed by a straightforward interface, enabling users to easily find what they are seeking.
Key features of MeetingKing include the following:
• Agenda templates
• File sharing
• Meeting minutes
• Intuitive calendar view
• Task and meeting minutes comments
• Easy assignment of tasks

4. Samepage
Samepage enables easy scheduling of meetings. It offers audio and video conferencing as well as other features like chat and screen sharing. The user-friendly interface keeps things clutter-free.
Key features of Samepage include the following:
• Meeting management
• Task scheduling
• Document management
• File sharing
• Video conferencing
• Discussion boards

5. Magic Minutes
Magic Minutes simplifies the meeting management process – from scheduling meetings to follow up plans. It enables an easy creation of meeting agendas, and users can view details of previous meetings and actions taken.
Key features of Magic Minutes include the following:
• Meeting scheduling
• Agenda management
• Invitation management
• Task assignment
• Meeting minutes management
• Notification
• Historical data
Well-designed meeting management software can not only simplify meeting management but also save your time and money in preparing, running, and reporting on meetings.
Identify your business needs to choose the best meeting management software that can help you drive efficient meetings while saving your time, money, and effort.

What is Meeting Minutes & Why Leverage Meeting Minutes Software?

The PowerPoint slides discuss what meeting minutes are and how managing meeting minutes effectively by leveraging meeting minutes software can help businesses achieve their high productivity goals.