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Herbal Health Care Chennai

More than 5000 years old siddha is a stream of medicine
With Super specialist doctors and state-of-the-art technology, We cover the complete spectrum of medical specialties.


About Us Herbal Health Care Chennai

Dr. Arun BSMS treating like Gout,Ulcer,Arthritis,sinus,asthma,allergies,mental health related treatments like stress,alcoholism,nervous disorders,mental disorders.


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Book an appointment we provide naturally treatments for Psychiatric problems,Alcoholism,infertility,Sleep disorders,Migraine,Asthma,Allergies, Sinus,Hyperactive child problems.


Siddha Treatment Cures Herbal Health Care Chennai

Siddha medicine or siddha practice is regarded as the oldest medicine practice of the world, older than Ayurveda itself. Siddha practitioners traditionally kept the knowledge of their medicine as a secret and were reluctant in sharing knowledge with outsiders. Siddha medicine or sidha vaidya practice remained more of less a traditional family matter and outsiders had little scope of learning this system of medicine.



Siddha System of medicine - About Siddha Medicine, the oldest medical system in the world. Siddha Vaidya or Siddha Medicine is the only medical system that bestows immortality. The only medical system which defines health as a Perfect State Of Physical, Psychological, Social And Spiritual Well Being of an individual.


Siddha Treatments Best Siddha Hospital West Mambalam Herbal Health Care Chennai

Our siddha herbal health care is multi-disciplinary.we have lasting treatments for all types of Skin diseases,nerve disorders,rheumatoid, gout, hyper tension, diabetes.


Frequently Asked Questions in Siddha Herbal Health Care.

Herbs are very effective in curing many ailments with no undesired side effects. Here are some common remedies based on Siddha system of medicine, one of the oldest systems on earth.


Psoriasis Siddha Treatment Herbal Health Care Chennai.

Ayurvedic treatment for psoriasis is purely with the herbal remedies. Neem is also available which highly helps to boost the immune system and purifies the blood.


Siddha Treatment For Osteoarthritis Herbal Health Care chennai.

Siddha treatment for Osteoarthritis are so beneficial to prevent degeneration of the cartilage, rejuvenating the dried synovial fluid and strengthen the joints.


Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment in Siddha Herbal Health care.

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is generally a lengthy one and you can choose Ayurveda treatment for this so that you will get 100% result with no side effects.


Which is best Siddha hospital in Chennai Herbal Health Care.

Our Classic treatment of ‘Siddha’ is purely treated in “Herbal Health Care”. The successful doctors and the medication are supergood features of our hospital. We can say this as “The Best Hospital in Chennai” because we cured many diseases in the traditional way.


Siddha Treatment for Hypertension

A most common and a devastating medical condition that prevails in almost all age group and across all gender. This condition is the head start for various other ailments like cardiac arrest, blindness, paralysis, urinary infections, etc. Due to our unhealthy food habits, mechanic lives, stress, are all the causative agents of Hypertension. This condition leads to shrinking of blood vessels. Unhealthy food habits deposits harmful cholesterol fat in the blood vessel blocking the blood flow and resulting in sudden cardiac arrests.


Thyroid Treatment Doctors in Chennai Herbal Health Care.

Thyroid a secretary gland in the front neck region of the humans which secrets thyroid that helps the body to maintain its temperature and increase the metabolic activity of the same. When the secretion of thyroid is minimal it’s called Hypothyroidism and when it’s too much then it is called Hyperthyroidism.


Diabetes Treatment in Siddha Medicine Chennai.

Herbal Health care using the conventional siddha medicine treats this disorder with natural indigenous herbs to give a complete cure from diabetes.


Siddha Medicine & Treatment for PCOS Chennai.

Herbal Health Care uses natural herbs like Neem, Jeera, turmeric, etc., along with Yoga, Varmam, Diet control, etc., to completely cure patients affected with PCOS.


Adhd Attention Disorder Hyperactivity Disorder

A common occurrence in children and young adult is this condition called ADHD. The affected person has hyper active behavior, inattentiveness, low memory capacity, unable to process things, etc., this condition is early detectable and children are highly vulnerable to this disorder.