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Updated by Mark Sanyal on Jun 01, 2020
Headline for Best Articles for Car Care during Lockdown
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Best Articles for Car Care during Lockdown

Taking care of your car is just as important as taking care of your health during the lockdown. These articles are the ideal guide for you to give your car the car it needs.

How to Care for your Car during the Lockdown | Spinny Magazine

Leaving the car unattended for a long period of time could cause expensive problems. This guide will help you take care of your car during the lockdown. Keeping your car in good health boils down to paying close attention to specific parts of your car to identify any emerging problems.

How to Sanitise your Car against Coronavirus | Spinny Magazine

In the background of the coronavirus pandemic, sanitising regularly touched surfaces in your car is a good measure to prevent the spread of the virus. This guide takes you through the parts of your car you should sanitise regularly to ensure you remain safe from infection.

10 Best Car Care Tips : Car Maintenance with Everyday Objects | Spinny Magazine

You don't always need to go to a car service centre to get something fixed on your car. Sometimes, there are some DIY tricks you can employ to keep your car maintained.

Guide to Car Diagnosis with Warning Lights | Spinny Magazine

This guide lists the 10 most common warning lights that might create a problem in future and should be checked immediately. These lights provide a good indication of which part ot pay attention to take care of it before it becomes an expensive problem.

How To Wash And Wax Your Car | Spinny Magazine

Maintaining your car during the lockdown also means keeping it clean and looking its best on a regular basis. This guide will help you wash and wax your car like a professional.